A Solitary and Big Pagan Functions

A Solitary and Big Pagan Functions February 25, 2019

In reality every single Witch or Pagan is a solitary practitioner. At least, we should be. As Witches and Pagans we should be doing our own daily work and our own daily work requires solitude. Whether this is meditation, spell crafting, devotional, or something else altogether, having a daily practice is part of being a Witch. If you’re a true solitary, only work in a small coven, or mingle with a small community, I want to encourage you to attend a Big Pagan Function – at least once.

Big Pagan Functions

I’ve done my own solo workings. I keep up on daily practice, most of the time. I have a small coven that I see regularly. And I am blessed with a vibrant local public community that I can tap into. All of that is great, but there is something about a bigger function that is different than how you might be fed by smaller events.

Picture this: a huge roaring bonfire in the middle of a redwood grove. There is an ecstatic drumbeat echoing through the forest, permeating your bones. You can hear the voices of over one hundred Witches singing together, calling for change and transformation. These are your people. This is what a Witchcamp is like. Coming together with 100 or more spiritual seekers. It is moving, powerful, and inspiring.

Picture this: a hotel convention center. There are two thousand people roaming the halls and walkways. Folks with faerie wings, Renaissance garb, black suits, tye-dye, and jeans all flow past you. In every single room there is a workshop, ritual, lecture, discussion, about all the flavors and varieties of Paganism and Witchcraft. A full on smorgasbord of all things magickal. It’s palpable.

Bigger than Me

Being a Witch or Pagan can be isolating. Sometimes that just fine. As a delicate introvert myself, being alone and working my magick solo is just fine with me. But seeing so many magickal beings converge in one place helps me to remember that I am not alone. This movement is bigger than me. There are so many of us out there. It fuels me, makes me smile, and encourages me to keep doing what I’m doing.

I know all the reasons that attending Big Pagan Functions is hard – money, time, location, etc, but add it to your Witchy bucket list and really make an attempt. You’ll be glad that you did.

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