Daily Tasks

Daily Tasks November 3, 2014

photo credit: Charline Tetiyevsky via photopin cc
photo credit: Charline Tetiyevsky via photopin cc

So, the day before yesterday, I announced with grandiosity that I would be participating in National Blog Post Month, wherein I blog every day for the entire month of November.

Yesterday, I did not blog. So, basically, I failed NaBloPoMo on Day 2. Fellow writers exhort me to carry on, however, and I’m not about to let a day of not blogging when I said I would make me feel like a complete lame-ass. I mean, this is one of the months where there are only THIRTY days, right? I can do this. Maybe. Probably. Or Not. (I see you, Vikki Reich of Up Popped A Fox!)

So, for today, I’ve decided to list for you the things I apparently am incapable of managing on a daily basis.

1. Blogging (You knew that.)
2. Showering (I try, I really do.)
3. Cooking an actual meal with real food. (I mean, no joke, I high-five myself if I can do one in the space of ten days.)
4. Practicing the piano. (A few months ago I committed to 15 minutes a day. Ended up with a total of 45 minutes since then.)
6. Counting to five.

And just for grins and giggles, here’s a list of things I AM capable of doing daily.

1. Peeing a minimum of 15 times.
2. Brushing my teeth. (You’re welcome.)
3. Drinking coffee. (Again, you’re welcome.)
4. Hugging the chilluns and the hubs.
6. Feeding the cats.
7. Overusing the ellipsis…

So, except for the peeing, I feel like I’m basically coming out ahead…if anyone can think of something to add to either list…feel free.



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