September 28, 2023

It's an old cliche that "when the student is ready, the teacher will appear", but it's more accurate to say that when the student is ready, the teaching will become visible. Read more

September 18, 2023

Autumn is the season of metal, associated with grieving and letting go. It is also the element of harvesting, setting boundaries, communication, the breath, and the present moment. We enter the summer, the year's height of activity, the season of fire, with plans made during the spring, the season of wood. Read more

August 2, 2023

So when I saw that someone had set up a "wind phone" at the Starwood Festival a few weeks ago, I knew that I would be having a difficult conversation with my dead brother on it. Read more

July 7, 2023

And that means that for the best results, the magician must be clear about what they wish. Expressing your intention in words, symbols, or art is an excellent way to bring clarity. Read more

June 12, 2023

Kaczynski was not just any violent revolutionary, overconfident in the rightness of his solutions to the world’s problems. He was a victim of the CIA’s MKULTRA mind control experiments. Read more

May 29, 2023

The only way to precisely engineer a wood fire is to pelletize the wood, to crush and grind and homogenize it. Short of that, each piece of wood is unique, and building and maintaining a fire from those pieces takes at least as much art as engineering. Read more

May 11, 2023

Daniel Penny, whether he acted reasonably and killed by accident or recklessly and committed manslaughter, was merely the randomly-chosen final mechanism of Neely's death, set up by a system dedicated to cruelty and profit rather than human well-being. Read more

March 30, 2023

As if to fit that mood, there was trash dumped in my old playground, and the hill was overgrown with brambles. But also amidst the weeds were a few small cherry trees, in full blossom. Read more

February 10, 2023

How do we eulogize people who were difficult to others and to themselves? And how do we, as Pagan folk, perform death rites, especially for those of ambiguous spirituality and for an interfaith gathering? Read more

February 4, 2023

But right now I'm tempted to consider whether putting unglamorous photos of dead alcoholics up on liquor store walls might help restrain excess. I wish that I could flash those minutes into the brains of those struggling with sobriety, for motivation, a "Don't Let This Happen To You" public service announcement. Read more

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