“Metal and Velvet” (Digital Art, “52 Makeup” Week 3)

“Metal and Velvet” (Digital Art, “52 Makeup” Week 3) January 22, 2017

For 2017, I’m challenging myself to create one piece of art a week: a poem, a song, a story, a drawing, a photo, a bit of digital art. For this third week, a little digital art.


For a larger version, see here.

During last January’s Fun-A-Day, I did a couple photos of shiny things on black velvet. This started as such a photo, a few objects from the “Metal and Wire – Non-Electrical” box in my tool and hardware closet — the original photo is below.

I then processed the photo (I use a Pentax K7, for the DSLR-curious) through GIMP, the free software image editor. (If you’re not familiar with free software — free as in freedom, not as in price — you should read Richard M. Stallman’s book Free Software, Free society.)

Also this photo was lit by the new dining room chandelier I installed last weekend, so I feel like I’m getting double duty of that bit of home improvement. (I also used a pair of worklights.)


Is it art? I remember a graffito on the wall of the men’s room at the late lamented dive bar Leadbetters: “Art means never having to say you’ve failed.”

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