“Blue And Gold” (Digital Art, “52 Makeup” Week 10)

“Blue And Gold” (Digital Art, “52 Makeup” Week 10) March 13, 2017

By controlling focus and illumination — and aren’t those very words suggestive — photography can help remind us of the “suchness” of things; to see “A Heaven in a Wild Flower”, as Blake said. (Though these forsythia blossoms in my neighbor’s yard are not so wild.)

Focusing the camera lens on one cluster of flowers makes them jump out, and the use of some light post-processing to adjust brightness, constant, and color enhances the effect. But the other branches and flowers, seen out-of-focus against the sky, create negative spaces of (literally) heavenly illumination.


"Blue and Gold". Digital photographic art by the author.
“Blue and Gold”. Digital photographic art by the author. Click on the image for a larger view.

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