Finding: A 2020 Sigil

Finding: A 2020 Sigil December 31, 2019

As I did last year, I find myself pulled to create and share a magical sigil for the upcoming year.

“What the heck is a magical sigil?” some friends may ask. Like a veve from the Vodou traditions or the symbols of Reiki, a sigil is a line form which serves as a focus for magical work. The word derives from the Latin sigillum, “seal”, in the same sense as “the Great Seal of the United States”. (It also brings to mind the more complex mandalas of Hinduism and Buddhism, and the “Pattern” of Roger Zelazny’s Amber novels.)

While there are long-accepted sigils in the various magical traditions of the world, ultimately any line form that the magician decides and declares puts a pattern on the flow of thought and emotion (energy, in a word) is a sigil. All the symbols of magic follow Humpty Dumpty’s Rule Of Semantics: “When I use a word, it means just what I choose it to mean — neither more nor less.” If you choose to accept the magician’s meaning, you can share in the magic; if not, you are free to create your own. Do as thou wilt, and all.

If you find a sigil that appeals to you, that helps you direct your thoughts and energy, then use it. Trace it, on paper or in your mind’s eye or with your body. (My own sigils tend to the simple, like the symbols of Reiki, so that they can more easily be invoked with the inner eye, or traced large in the air with gestures.) Copy it or print it out and hang it on the wall as an invocation.

As I considered what I need for this coming year, and what I think we all need now, the word that came to mind was “finding”.


Thus: This is a sigil for Finding.

For finding that which was lost, or that which you need. For finding love, prosperity, purpose — or that missing sock. (Practical magic is not a bad thing.) For finding the way forward to a goal, or finding the way back to someone or something missed.

In the year (and the decade!) to come, may you find what you need, on every level from physical survival needs to love needs to self-actualization needs.

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