Grid And Growth (52 Make-Up, Part 4)

Grid And Growth (52 Make-Up, Part 4) February 26, 2020

I’ve gotten a bit behind in posting for my 52 Make-Up Challenge, trying to create 52 little bits of art over the course of the year. But I’ve got some visual art in the queue. For our next entry, a bit of photo-based digital art.

I’m quite interested in the interface between two fundamentally different ways that we interact with the world. The rational and the intuitive; the artificial and the organic; the built and the grown; the classical and the romantic; the objective and the subjective.

This image brings to mind the way in which the solid, rational, straight-line world supports — or is infiltrated by — the growing, curling natural world. The natural world declines to be bound by the grid. Instead it grows around it, curls and bends through it, puts the grid to its own uses.

Grid And Growth

It is based on a photo of a metal grid — some sort of ventilation opening or heat exchanger, I think, on the outside of a building — with a vine growing around and through it.

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