Honeysuckle and Fireflies

Honeysuckle and Fireflies June 15, 2020

Yes, the plague is killing thousands! and
Yes, the oppressors are brutal! and

Yes, the cities are burning!

Stop and breathe.
A slow breath in through the nose, not a quick panicked pant

And again, breathe
And for the power of three, again.

Do you smell it?
Do you smell the honeysuckle?
The sweet smell of summer is here
Because the cycle of the seasons goes on no matter what mistakes we make

(And yes, yes, yes it is true that the honeysuckle is itself an invader
These things are never simple
The cycle repeats but is always changing,
A strange attractor not mere repetition)

And look
Look outside

You may have to step away from the city lights to see but
The fireflies have returned
The fireflies have returned
Faerie lights to show the way

And step outside
And see, and breathe, and hear, and know

This is what it is to worship nature
These cycles are older than human civilization

And if we blow it
The honeysuckle will overgrow the ruins of our buildings
And the fireflies will flicker in the wreckage

And that is the power
That is at your back

That is the power that stands beyond
And gives context to all our struggles

By flickr user gailhampshire, CC-BY-2.0

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