A Spell for Vaccination

A Spell for Vaccination January 20, 2021

Public health officials are starting to distribute the vaccine for COVID-19 to limited groups. Healthcare providers — including Licensed Massage Therapists like me, even though it’s a “side gig” — are among those receiving it. I got my first dose of the Pfizer vaccine today.

No ill effects other than a slight ache in the deltoid, comparable to what I feel the day after a good workout.

The variables of the vaccine — the need for an effective immune response, the risk of side effects, and so on — struck me as an ideal case for applying a little magick.

As we are dealing with a plague such as some of my ancestors survived, and the desired outcome is health for the body which carries on their legacy, it seems appropriate to do some ancestor work. Feel free to adapt this working to your needs.

I went to my ancestor altar, and made a first offering: Powers whiskey, in a measuring glass from my great-uncle’s pharmacy. On my mother’s side I had Irish ancestors named Power or Powers; I’m not sure if there is an actual connection, but it’s enough of a hint to select that over other spirits. On my father’s side, his uncle owned a the Swiss Pharmacy in Baltimore, and I recently obtained an old measuring glass from that business. (A promotional item, I suppose.) So a little Powers in that glass pays respect to both two sides of my family.

Image from PixaBay member torstensimon

I read aloud the spell I’d written:

Ancestors of blood and bone
Who shaped this body
By that heritage, I ask that you hear me!

In this time of plague
I ask that you aid this inoculation
May it be safe
May it be effective
May this body respond well to it, with
good immune response and no ill side effects

I ask this for the sake of that heritage which you have gifted me

So Mote It Be!

I made a second offering of fine incense, and headed off for my appointment. I took the paper I’d written the spell on with me, and read it again while I was in line.

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