Shifting: A 2022 Sigil

Shifting: A 2022 Sigil January 8, 2022

As I was thinking about the new year, the word that came to mind is “shifting”. It’s a word with several meanings useful to the time: to move; to manage to get along or succeed by one’s self; to get along by indirect, expedient, or evasive means; to change; to put something aside and replace it. Also, a music sense which I’d never thought about but do all the time: changing the position of the left hand on the fingerboard of a stringed instrument.
A sigil is a symbol of lines, curves, and shapes charged with magickal energy (intentional, personal or group/cultural psychological meaning, if you prefer) and used as a focus for ritual work.
There are many ways to construct and use a sigil. My approach is influenced by the “chaos magick” tradition and by the symbols of the healing art of Reiki, which are intended to be mentally traced by the practitioner.

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