A Twist on the Mystery Worship Series

A Twist on the Mystery Worship Series July 15, 2012

Since early May, I’ve been writing a “Mystery Worship” series were I’ve been visiting different churches and offering my experiences on this blog.

Now, I discovered that in many ways, the church I serve, Krum First UMC, has been “Mystery Worshipped!”   In late winter, I was contacted by a UNT journalism student who had been assigned to write a piece on the city of Krum.  I think he emailed a number of people, but I was the only one who responded to him.  We spent quite a bit of time together, he attended several worship services, and I put him in touch with some people who had deep roots here and knew much about Krum’s interesting history.

The results of his research was published recently in the Denton Record Chronicle and can be read here.

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