The terrible, awful, horrible things progressives have done

The terrible, awful, horrible things progressives have done July 23, 2016

progressives-in-a-tiny-holeChris Ladd, a life-long Republican, recently wrote about his decision to leave the GOP.

A commenter offered a defence of true conservativism by listing the problems in US societal structure that progressives have brought upon us.

I have been unable to contact the original author for permission to quote, but I’ve gone ahead and reposted it. This must be read.

Mr. Ladd,

I wish you would explain to those of who support Mr. Trump wholeheartedly WHY we shouldn’t treat your screed as simply more whining from a RINO who long ago lost his way.

The FACT is, the election of Ronald Reagan and his cheerfully optimistic conservatism wasn’t an end unto itself. It wasn’t any kind of crowning achievement. Rather, it was the BEGINNING of a long-term battle to repudiate all the horrible things progressivism has forced down this country’s throat since the beginning of the Civil War. Because progressivism truly is a cancer that has rotted America’s soul from the inside out.

After the freeing of the slaves came women’s suffrage. And after that came the creation of the FDA (which was the first in a series of federal regulatory agencies that comprise the nanny state). Then there was the rise of the labor movement, which is rooted in communism, and the 40-hour-work week, and then children lost the freedom to work with the advent of federal child labor laws. And then came Social Security, racial integration in the schools, desegregation of public accommodations, the end of poll taxes/tests, the minimum wage and the unconstitutional overturning of state anti-miscegenation laws by the U.S. Supreme Court. All of those were directly contrary to the principles that this country was founded upon, and all of those movements were led by progressives.

And by the time all of that was over, in the late 1960s, a white restaurant owner couldn’t legally bar a mixed-race couple from his establishment, his PRIVATE PROPERTY, because the Supreme Court had decided the 10th Amendment was just a bunch of hooey. Instead, he HAD to let them chase away all his other customers, which meant he would go out of business.

Of course, the progressives did not stop there. Next they waged the battle for the Equal Rights Amendment (which Thank GOD was never ratified). And to kick the Holy Bible out of public schools. And then for forced busing to achieve school desegregation. And so on and so on, until last year, when the Supreme Court legalized gay marriage in all the states.

It is never ending with these progressive traitors.

The BEST thing Reagan did was to cancel the Fairness Doctrine. Its demise has allowed the popular rise of great thinkers like Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and Mark Levin.

THEY know that the work of conservatives is never ending, that one-by-one we must dismantle ALL the tenets of progressivism; even the ones that today we take for granted.

That WILL happen, though I may not live long enough to see it. But one day, TRUE CONSERVATIVES will lead this country back to the peaceful and genteel days of the 1840s, when women and blacks knew their place; when workers dared not go on strike for fear of being beaten and/or shot; when black and white students alike could concentrate on their studies, free from the distractions caused by sitting next to students of other skin colors; and when onerous government regulation didn’t stymie the economy and so on and so on and so on. [Emphasis mine]

By that time, hopefully, all the progressives will be rotting in labor camps or otherwise incarcerated, where they can’t foment trouble in society.

Mr. Trump is leading our movement now, but others will rise to carry his torch of FREEDOM onward.

Good riddance to you, Mr. Ladd. But watch out — you may end up in one of those re-education camps one day!

And there you have it: the problems with progressive (read Democratic) thinking.

Just think . . . without all those darn progressives, I’d be nestled securely in my exclusive all-white world, knowing my place, safe and silenced in the church and in the public square.

Gosh darn it, what a lot of damage they have done. And how much like Jesus they have acted. Shame. Shame.

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  • Keith Jenkins

    The tone of the attack on Progressives is so over the top, I can’t help thinking it must be over-the-top shock satire (a la Swift’s Modest Proposal). But the problem with this assessment is that the writer doesn’t quite pull it off. It’s too close to what any number of uber-conservative talking heads have said on numerous occasions to be unmistakable satire. But, it also comes across as too vicious to be read in a straight-forward manner. Either way, the writer failed.

    • iain lovejoy

      If things have come to the pass where it is not immediately obvious that the letter is not the heaviest-handed of satire, I fear for the future of the US.

      • Keith Jenkins

        I assume you meant to say “If things have come to the pass where it is not immediately obvious that the letter IS the heaviest-handed of satire . . . ” But that is my point. I have taught literature at the college level for years, and in my opinion (and that’s all I’m claiming), the writer’s attempt at satire fails because, on the one hand, it is too heavy-handed, while on the other hand, it is not outrageous enough.

        • iain lovejoy

          You’re right: too many “nots”. I have edited the post.

  • Mary Guercio

    It is satire, Ms. Thomas. One of the very best.

  • gimpi1

    This is satire, right? It must be satire…