Why Evangelicals Support (Allegedly) Pedophilic Roy Moore

Why Evangelicals Support (Allegedly) Pedophilic Roy Moore November 10, 2017
Firehose of truth unmasking Roy Moore
The firehose of truth will clean out those closets of lies

Many have reacted negatively to the equation of Joseph and Mary with Roy Moore and the 14-year-old girl Moore (allegedly) sought to seduce.

But, to me, with my long history in Evangelicalism, it makes perfect sense. When a religion systematically silences the female voice at the highest levels, and that is part of the core of the Evangelical world, then the female cannot be seen as fully human.

It is that simple. No voice, no humanity. Instead, females become fit ultimately only for breeding and for the sexual satisfaction of the one whose voice does count: the alpha male. Roy Moore is their poster boy. And the exposure of Roy Moore threatens Evangelicalism to its patriarchal core.

We are in a time of extreme upheaval. Woman are finally becoming “Brave Enough to be Angry.”

We are finding our voices; we are saying, “Enough. Me Too. It’s time for this to stop.”

The revelations are coming fast and furious now. We’ve all got stories to tell.

Eventually and inevitably, these stories will hit at the sordid underbelly of Evangelicalism. They’ll be the last to come out. The social pressure, the nearly complete male-held religious power and the slut-shaming that will emerge from the female Evangelical contingent, who will fight to keep their own secrets safe, will continue to silence many voices. But they’ll eventually appear.

Again, Roy Moore’s populate Evangelical leadership. Misogyny is their stock in trade. Women are only to be used, not heard. And they have used us, over and over again.

And I hope, just as the entertainment world and the political worlds will never again be as safe for the male sexual predator, that the Evangelical world will eventually become less safe for the male sexual predator.

As is usual, the conservative elements of the religious world will be the last to jump on the bandwagon of justice. They tend to be the first to separate, to demonize the other, to circle the wagons tighter. But at some point, it’s all going to be over.

As a nation, we are being cleansed. The doors to the closets of abuse have been unlocked, and the contents have spilled out. Those secrets, long hidden, carry the offensive odor of decay. We recoil, but we will not shut those doors again until the firehose of truth has exposed all of this.

I can feel the terrified shudders of the mighty men who have exploited their power for too long. It’s time for you to learn that the power you have hoarded is now going to turn against you.

Yes, you’ll hire your expensive lawyers and you’ll scream “Liars” at the women. But we who are finally speaking out will stand firm. Our voices now take on the authority of the believed–and yours take on the stench of the many offenses you committed in private.

As for the Evangelical world: start shaking. Your male hegemonies have only a few years left. They will crumble. Your secrets will also come out. And possibly, just possibly, a more righteous, a more holy, and more light-filled theology will emerge.

Yep, we are finally getting brave enough to be angry. And righteous anger at injustice reflects the core of God’s nature, who loves unreservedly and who has made it clear: whoever hurts the least among us hurts the heart of God.

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  • Cynthia Astle

    Yeah, I got it right away, too, after growing up in the Methodist Church, South. Picking up this one for UM Insight. Thanks.

  • Chuck Johnson

    This is more of a social thing than a Christian thing.
    No religion is necessary for people to try to get away with whatever they can.
    Now in the 21st century, people can get away with less. Secrets are harder to keep.

  • loveoneanother

    The most disgusting of the association of abuse with the churches is that nothing really seems to happen to the mega-preachers/leaders after exposure. Such as the NT preacher/owner of Christian TV station who just went on about his business with wife intact after dislosure. This is due in part to the idea that once there is confession, God forgives and the perpetrator keeps “God’s anointing” to continue working. “It is as if the sin never happened” in the concept of forgiveness. And if church members want to hold their leaders responsible and advocate legal and other consequences, they are derided as being judgmental and unforgiving. Those same members will pursue action if the sin has to do with money or theft of tithes, etc. I’m not saying destroy the person who sins. I’m saying don’t keep them in positions of leadership and allow/pursue the consequences we all have to suffer while in this earthly life.

    • Chuck Johnson

      It can get pretty silly.
      How can I be a good Christian unless Jesus forgives me ?
      How can Jesus forgive me unless I sin ?

  • Albert Magnus

    Why would any woman want to be a member of such a shitty rotten religion (I’m gay, so I can and WILL say that). I know many of them are raised that way and brainwashed, as many of gays were, but fortunately most of us realized what bullshit they were peddling and got out! I am now a practicing Episcopalian in a fully inclusive church.

    • Sven

      Actually, “inclusive” seems like a very strange term to describe a church that shrinking like a melted slug.

      Take a look at the membership figures for your “inclusive” churches. Kinda pathetic.

      1960: 3.2 million
      2016: 1.7 million

      United Church of Christ
      1960: 2,056,000
      2016: 880,383
      More than half its members in 50 years.

      United Methodist
      1960: 11,026,000
      2015: 7.06 million

      Presbyterian Church USA
      1983: 3.1 million
      2015: 1.5 million

      Lutherans (ELCA)
      1987: 5.2 million
      2015: 3.6 million
      The ELCA approved the ordination of gays and the blessing of same-sex “marriages) in 2009: it lost a half-million members in 2010-2011, so clearly there was a cause/effect relationship in this case between gay issues and membership decline.

      Disciples of Christ
      1960: 1.8 million
      2014: 497,423

      Looks like no one wants to be included in the inclusive churches. You drove all the Christians away.

      • Albert Magnus

        NOT MINE! We’re actually growing, but then I live in a civilized, educated cosmopolitan city. BTW – religion in general is on the decline in the West.

  • raven nevermore

    Pedophiles are always consistent in behavior. Judge Moore, according to evidence, has not been consistent in pedophile behavior. Moore should be given the benefit of doubt, and, not assassinated in character without facts. The rest of the article is very well stated.

    • YellowBird

      at least, according to evidence so far revealed… powerful men are generally very good at keeping secrets… and i am giving him benefit of my doubt… i don’t respect or trust anything about his public life that i have allready seen… therefore i have great doubt about the quality of aspects of his life that still remain invisible

    • JenellYB

      You don’t think that 5 or more women giving witness to his pedophile behavior indicates he has been consistent in pedophile behavior? Doesn’t the Bible say that with 2 witnesses as matter is established?

    • LastManOnEarth

      Dude got banned from the YMCA and the local mall because he was constantly cruising for teen girls.

      How is that not evidence of consistent behavior? Moore has exhausted any benefit of the doubt.

      • raven nevermore

        Not sure where you got that info. Never heard of it until you mentioned it. You are saying that as a leader in the community he was able to cruse the mall? I do not buy it. Did you see Sean Hannity show for Nov. 15, 2017? Find it and watch the last 10 minutes. I’m still not at a conclusion about Moore, but I’m beginning to think he is the victim. There are too many inconsistencies about the allegations, plus the timing of the allegations. After all the years that judge was in public life, and no charges were ever brought and charges made to convict, without any conclusions! Moore deserves not to be charged by people like you.

  • Svein Magnussen

    So easy to have Jesus forgive you. He will say what you want to hear. But to go to the one you hurt, and ask for forgiveness, that’s difficult. You have to humble yourself, and perhaps you won’t be forgiven.

  • Many toxic types of religion (American evangelicalism is only one case in point) fetishize “purity” as a virtue, which can have the effect for some within the religion of highly eroticizing virginity in general and just-barely-pubescent young people, both boys and girls, in particular. We see the consequences spilling out into the public eye on a regular basis.

  • Roger Morris

    The stark fact is that whether it is ‘acceptable’ for an adult male to have a sexual liaison with a mid-teens girl is highly culturally and historically relative. Many societies – particularly African and Middle Eastern Islamic societies – rule this matching acceptable or even desirable in the 21st Century. Certainly through history it would have been common practice in these cultures, and for many societies also in Europe and elsewhere in the West.

    Certainly, from a biological point of view, and particularly in ancient cultures where the life expectancy was no more than 30 or 40 years, it made a lot of sense for older men to match up with younger females, as it ensured reproductive success, particularly as males reached life expectancy limits.

    Of course, this is not to condone the behaviour, only to shed some light on the biological and cultural logic behind the practice, and to remind ourselves of the contingency and arbitrary nature of cultural taboos.

    • jekylldoc

      Read up on child marriage. And obstetric fistula. A complex and high-achieving culture is not based on giving lots of men the chance to maximize their reproductive success by ruining the lives of women. Is culture contingent? You bet, and the practices that make sense in conditions of enlightenment are not the ones that make sense in conditions of tribal warfare for land to farm. Is culture arbitrary? Not in this case.

  • Men in power have always sought to exploit women (or other men). Mysogeny is the stock and trade of the S. Baptist side of evangelicalism. But other evangelical traditions, like Pentecostals and charismatics have a history of female preachers, teachers and evangelists. They have a more moderate view of headship. But I think you’ll find that they too, would tend to discount the women’s stories first before believing Moore is guilty. Here is where politics comes into play. Discounting the allegations as “fake news” and politically motivated by the left creates enough doubt in conservatives minds to question the validity of any information coming from the left, the middle and even our own intelligence agencies. And this is exactly what we have seen the Donald do over and over again. He knows he only has to cast enough doubt on the situation that it will result in a hung jury amongst public opinion. Although I think mysogeny, headship and a history of attempting to control women comes into play, I think political conservatism and the cultivated mistrust of network news has at least as much influence here.

  • Dave_1958

    I sure wish “progressive” Christians would spend less time attacking Evangelicals and more time demonstrating why their view are better. Throwing poop from your diaper is not very progressive.

    • Nimblewill

      I agree and this has been my argument against progressives since wanting desperately to become one. There is a tendency for progressives to be much more judgmental than the evangelicals I know……………………..and I don’t support any pedophiles. What I do support is that a man is innocent until proven guilty.

  • YellowBird

    “possibly, just possibly, a more righteous, a more holy, and more light-filled theology will emerge.”
    oh i soooo hope & pray so!

  • WayneMan

    It is long over due that women are finally standing together in the U.S. and fighting male predators with the Me Too movement. It will be many years more for some countries. I find it completely unbelievable and hypocritical that the evangelical right continues to drag their feet on the political scene. It is like moral and ethical behavior just don’t matter anymore. My guess is that as long as they think they have a shot at adding as many religious friendly SCOTUS judges as possible, they are willing to turn a blind eye to obvious outrageous behavior. So my conclusion is that overturning Roe V Wade and same sex marriage supersedes any and all other religious agendas.

  • jekylldoc

    whatever you have said in the dark will be heard in the light, and what
    you have whispered in the inner rooms will be proclaimed upon the