Sex and Money Drive the Political Process and Christians Cheer

Sex and Money Drive the Political Process and Christians Cheer November 27, 2017

Sex and money: the major players in any corrupt decision-making process.  The GOP, now publically represented by the child-predation tendencies of Roy Moore, says “yes” to the wrongful use of sexual power for the sake of gaining favor from their deep-pocketed donors. And “Christians” have made this happen.

sex and money and abortion issuesYet another weigh-in on the Roy Moore controversy. From everything I read, the main argument in Alabama for electing the morally compromised Moore is that he takes a rabidly anti-abortion stance. His Democratic opponent, Doug Jones, is running on an “anything goes” pro-choice abortion platform.

Reality: this abortion argument is just a smokescreen so that the GOP can pass their “let’s see how far we can rob the poor to make the rich (i.e., Trump and his family and the wealthy GOP donors) even richer” tax plan. Nonetheless, this is what may drive the good people of Alabama to elect the most despicable candidate ever to run for US Senate.

Let’s talk about abortion

The truth: both stances concerning abortion access are abhorrent.

The rabid anti-abortion stance reduces women to nothing but incubators that have no other purpose than the production of offspring, no matter what the mode of conception or the mental/physical toll on the woman, uhh, incubator.

The “rip ’em out until the last minute before birth” stance ignores advances in medical science, the increasingly hazy line between what is a viable fetus and what is not viable, and our moral and good human reluctance to kill babies.  In many ways, the “no limits to abortion” is nothing but a modern way to support the long-standing and always horrific practice of murdering recently born infants.

For a tragic and stomach-churning summary of this history of infanticide, go to this article. We’ve been practicing it since the beginning of time.

Using sex for power is biblical

Sex and power: The biblical story of Samson and Delilah
The biblical story of Samson and Delilah

Ultimately, it all comes back to sex: who regulates it, who has power over whom, and who pays what price.

Using sex for power exchanges is hardly new. The few people who have read all the Bible, instead of just cherry-picking their favorite passages, know that stories of rape, sexual conquests, and seduction permeate the Holy Scriptures.

Trying to control sexuality by saying “no sex outside of marriage (unless, of course, you are a male)” didn’t work then and doesn’t work now.

Trying to free sexual expression by saying, “anything you want anytime you want it” utterly cheapens what should be powerful moments of holy intimacy between loving and committed partners.

If we are going to solve the problem of the Roy Moore/Donald Trump/name-your-favorite-sexual-predator-here getting elected to high office, we are going to have to start looking at a far more substantial theology of sexuality and reproduction.

Those of us on the more liberal side must affirm that the anti-abortion folks do have reasons for their decisions. When forced to make a choice, I land on the “pro-choice” side. Nonetheless, I do so with significant reservations.

As a follower of Jesus, I believe that I need to honor and respect life and especially human life. As a woman, I know that the privilege of being the bearer of the next generation also means grave responsibility for using my sexuality. As an observer of the human condition, I know women pay 99.9% of the price for unwanted conceptions.

If we want to eliminate abortion, and thus the argument that such a morally compromised candidate as Roy Moore, sponsored by the morally-compromised Donald Trump, should EVER serve in public office, we must help women find their power and own both their bodies and their future.

The first step is to promote reliable empowerment programs for women. We need programs that take the education of the poorest among us far more seriously than anything else we do in our national life. Everyone needs to gain the ability to think critically as well as the confidence to engage in life-long learning to keep up their job skills.

Better practical education must also be coupled with good, effective, available and free birth control.

One significant difference between higher-income and lower-income households lies in the ability to delay child-bearing until couples have built stable financial foundations. Those foundations are impossible in today’s economy without reliable birth control.

Furthermore, we can’t start raising people out of desperate poverty by creating tax policies that punish the poor and strip them from access to affordable and decent health-care. Unhealthy people cannot work. We condemn them to a horrible, destructive cycle.

Back to Moore/Jones

Now, back to the Moore/Jones election. Again, both hold despicable stances where abortion is concerned. But the people of Alabama have to choose one of the two.

Moore will keep abortion restricted and will also vote for policies that will keep women impoverished and uneducated. Jones, on the other hand, will find tooth and nail for fairer economic policies and the long-range empowerment of women but will do nothing to restrict access to abortion.

As we seek to create a government that works for all its people, it becomes mandatory that we elect to office those willing to look at the greater good and not just at their narrow agendas.

At this point, the majority of the GOP has abandoned all pretense of looking out for the greater good of US citizens. The Republicans are promoting a tax bill that even they acknowledge is aimed at keeping their wealthy donors satisfied. That is why, for all the posturing and protests, if Moore gets elected, he’ll be seated in the Senate because they can count on him to vote the party line.

Sex and money: the major players in any corrupt decision-making process.  The GOP, now publically represented by the child-predation tendencies of Roy Moore, says “yes” to the wrongful use of sexual power for the sake of gaining favor from their deep-pocketed donors. And “Christians’ have made this happen.

As sad as it is, I bet Moore gets elected. May God have mercy on us as a nation and on any “Christian” who has enabled his election.

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  • Jon Altman

    I think your characterization of Jones’ position is mistaken. I’ve read the quote that supposedly supports that characterization and I don’t think it says that.

  • Chuck Johnson

    At this point, the majority of the GOP has abandoned all pretense of looking out for the greater good of US citizens.

    Not at all.
    Never underestimate the power of political pretense.
    But yes, they do have a lot of damage control and spin-doctoring to do.

    Trump seems to enjoy “defeating” his “enemies”.
    He is just jerking off.

  • jaystriggle

    Actually the Democrats have more rich donors than the Republicans. Buffet, Gates, Google, Facebook, Amazon, etc.
    I read Forbes magazine of the richest 500 people in America and there were mighty few Conservatives in the list.
    So your tired and worn out argument that the Republicans only care about the rich is nonsense. When the Dems had the House, Senate and Oval office what did they do. Look at the Dems abuse of the CFPB with kick backs and favoritism to the liberal organizations. They favored liberal organizations 532 to 1, so where is the balance there ?They are corrupt. Where was your criticism of Ted Kennedy, JFK, Bill Clinton, Gary Hart, John Edwards, John Conyers, Al Frankenferter, etc… and the list goes on…and on.

    • PedasiPaul

      Is it your opinion that the GOP tax plan does NOT give at least half of the benefits to the top 1 percent?

      • jaystriggle

        exactly, does not matter what the truth is, the left always comes our swinging with the same arguments, tax cuts for the rich… have you read the plan, neither have they and they always cry the same old song…Liberal policies have destroyed the black families and neighborhoods, more money if you dont work, or if you have a child out of wedlock, Read Star Parker’s book: Uncle Sam’s Plantation, she lived it and realized she had to do something rather than accept government hand outs… many angry young black men who do not know who their fathers are and it is not Christians fault or Conservatives either, we believe in self responsibility. The left destroys self responsibility, “just let the Government do it for you”, housing rent, women with children, fast start, free phones, food stamps, rent subsidies, etc… people sometimes need a hand up, not a life style of helplessness….

        • PedasiPaul

          The GOP tax bill abolishes the AMT, under which Trump had to pay $31 million in 2005, and abolishes (House version) or reduces those affected (Senate version) the estate tax. Is it your opinion that those specific provisions will not make the rich even richer?

          • jaystriggle

            hAVE YOU read the tax bill or are you listening to CNN ? Remember the rich pay 90 % or so oF the taxes. I personally believe if the rich have extra money they will invest it in new businesses, projects, etc. therefore creating more jobs.
            Capitalism does a better job of redistribution than the government does. And that is a fact. Look at the socialist nations and the amount of starving people and for that matter the millions of people that have been murdered by the Socialist regimes.
            Please read the book: THE GENERATION THAT KNEW NOT JOSEPH…..

          • jaystriggle

            1. “Middle-class tax hike.” Even before the tax bills were drafted as legislation, Senate Democrat cries of “middle-class tax hikes” earned a brutal “four pinocchio” condemnation from the Washington Post fact-checker. Yet this talking point has expanded to the point that a plurality of Americans polled now believe their taxes will rise.

            Read more at:

          • jaystriggle

            A Tax Policy Center analysis of the Senate bill reveals that three-quarters of all families would get a tax cut. Just 12 percent would see a tax increase — and they are concentrated among the rich. The average middle-income family would receive a tax cut of approximately $850 per year through 2025.

            Read more at:

          • PedasiPaul

            The tax cuts for individuals are set to expire in 2027, while the corporate cuts are permanent.

          • jaystriggle

            Have you ever worked for a poor man ? The credo is “equal opportunity”, not equal results. Those who apply them selves and work hard should be rewarded. Even then sometimes it does not work out. .Life is not fair, never has been. To try to make it fair would not be “fair” to those who are trying harder or who in reality may be lucky.It happens. Thou shall not covet. I don’t care if some one makes more than me. I do what I can and live with the results. Under your system maybe we should take some one’s lottery winnings and equally distribute ti to all those who did not even buy a ticket… ?

          • PedasiPaul

            Equal opportunity becames less available as economic inequality widens.

          • jaystriggle

            Socialism has never worked. But I am sure you believe with the right people in charge it would change all that….
            We have spent billions on social initiatives to help the poor and they are still poor. I believe it is a spiritual problem.
            We keep trying to help people who just dont want to work or try to get ahead. I allowed a man to stay with me for 5 months. He got ripped off by a contractor three times.(or so he says). And lost his place to stay, a room for $50 a week.
            . I told him he could stay with me for awhile. He worked here and there, but turned down opportunities to work full time for several different companies. He played video gaming machines (gambling) with his money. After three months I asked him to help with a little rent each week. He never offered. He never even bought toilet paper. He was fully willing to stay as long as he could with out contribution. So I told him he had to leave by Dec.1. When he left he finally said “thanks”.
            There are so many people who dont want to try to better themselves. “If a man does not work, dont let him eat”, “If a man does not provide for his family he is to be accursed”. what say you ?

          • jaystriggle

            When a rich man buys a limousine he provides work for several people. Driver, maintenance, gas, insurance, sales person, etc. A rising tide floats all boats. Some socialist just dont like it when some one else has a bigger boat than they do. So they scream about income inequality. The rich are the ones who build buildings, businesses, and job opportunities. Once again , have you ever worked for a poor man ? Why did Obama say “If you have a business, you did not build that.” He has never built anything, actually he has tried to tear down what others have built.

          • PedasiPaul

            In other words, the rich will get richer, and economic inequality will get even wider. At least you didn’t call it a middle-class tax bill.

  • jaystriggle

    oh and just in case you missed it on John Conyers, who makes Roy Moore look like an amateur : “The multiple allegations against Conyers are specific and consistent. He reached a settlement agreement with one accuser, whose account is backed by affidavits from other employees. One women said in an affidavit that one of her duties was “to keep a list of women I assumed he was having affairs with and call them at his request and, if necessary, have them flown in using Congressional resources.” Not having to bother with the logistics of your own mistresses is evidently one of the privileges of being a public servant. Another accuser, a former Conyers scheduler, filed a lawsuit that she eventually dropped when a court refused her request to keep it sealed. In the suit, she says she complained to Conyers’s chief of staff about his unwelcome advances. The chief of staff told her to write them all down. She couldn’t “due to the extreme amount of time it would require to adequately chronicle these advances and behaviors and manage her work load.” RL from the National Review…

    • PedasiPaul

      whataboutism n. changing an inconvenient subject by bringing up an opponent’s wrongdoing

      Conyers is also a disgrace. Since (so far) he doesn’t have the decency to resign, the House should take the maximum possible action against him.

      Now what about Roy Moore? Do you believe he is the innocent victim of nine lying women and assorted retired cops and other witnesses? Or do you think he’s probably guilty, but don’t care?

  • Linda Coleman Allen

    Education is certainly lacking in the state of Alabama among men and women. It is sad to see. I’m not personally certain of Doug Jones stand on abortion, but he does seem to be very concerned about education. We have to start somewhere, and I believe that education is a good place. Women here need to know why they are voting and what their vote actually means. They need to know that “pro choice” and contraception are choices, not mandates. They need to remember the importantance of their freedom and not allow it to be dictated by others who are not qualified. Being a Democrat in Alabama is difficult, but I have seen Doug Jones signs in front yards, and that is different. I have seen Doug Jones ads that are supported by Republicans. In 10 years, I have never seen this. Moore may win, but I will vote for Jones.

    There are no perfect people or political parties, but the GOP has made it plain that they do not care about the American people. It is time for us to put a stop to this and for people to stop insulting Jesus by claiming to be Christians while behaving like barbarians.

  • Martha Anne Underwood

    I am pro-choice although I do believe that abortion should for the most part be the last resort. However, that is for the woman and her physician to decide, not the law. Effective birth control is the best way to reduce abortions. The problem is that Catholic & Evangelical Churches believe the only way for birth control is abstinence if you are single and the rhythm method if you are married. They seem to see the birth control bill as a form of abortion. I still cannot understand why the prevention of the sperm getting to the egg is a form of abortion.