Why Do Christian Women Vote For Sexual Predators? It’s What They Know

Why Do Christian Women Vote For Sexual Predators? It’s What They Know December 13, 2017

I was chatting with a friend of mine early today and asked why women so readily vote for sexual predators. He responded, “Most of them are hard-shell Baptist.”

women vote for sexual predators
From Washington Post exit polls

According to a series of exit polls by the Washington Post, the majority of women in Alabama still voted for (alleged) pedophile Roy Moore.


I was chatting with a friend of mine early today and asked why women so readily vote for sexual predators. He responded, “Most of them are hard-shell Baptist.”

Of course! This highly-churched state is also highly Baptist and, therefore, is highly “Alpha men are good and women are to stay silent and submissive.”

Women are to be used, abused and silenced

In other words, the women are used to being abused and sexually used. They’ve also taught their sons and daughters the normalcy of this pattern.

They honestly don’t care that they are voting for sexual predators because they have grown up with them, collude with them in the practices, and defend them because those predators provide their livelihoods.

That’s what conservative Christianity does: it uses, abuses, and routinely silences women. Women exist for two purposes: as places for men to express their sexuality (witness Mark Driscoll’s famous “women are penis homes” comment) and to breed fresh crops of innocent females for men to also use to express their sexuality.

Conservative Christianity created the Trump/Moore movement

In this seriously disingenuous piece in Christianity Today, Senior Editor Mark Galli laments the loss of Christian witness by the evangelical world because of the Trump/Moore sexual scandals. Nowhere does he take ownership of the fact that the very theology he has spent a lifetime espousing supports the mistreatment and silencing of women. Effectively, Galli’s world made straight the highway, not for Jesus, but for Trump/Moore.

Oh, they’ll give all the right words about how they so value women and how important they are. Yes, indeedy.

But God forbid that a woman’s voice will be heard and heeded. Femaleness is routinely silenced. Women are to serve in their own “spheres of influence,” i.e., in the nursery and in the home. Otherwise, keep your collective mouths shut and let the men lead, for goodness sake.

If a woman should venture out of her particular “sphere,” and, in so doing finds herself sexually harassed, she only gets what she deserves. She wrongfully invaded male territory.  Naturally, she is  [pick one] raped, fondled, shoved against a wall with a man’s tongue down her throat, grabbed by the *****, shamed, etc. It is her fault.

I know this too well

I know this all too well. I studied theology in one of those “male territory” institutions, which I shall not name. When I was the subject of sexual harassment, I knew darn well that if I complained, I’d be 100% blamed.

I had already heard enough “Why aren’t you home taking care of your husband/children?” comments. The women in my church, totally steeped in the male dominance/female silence world, heard that one of my children became seriously ill. They said, “It’s all her fault: God is punishing her for studying theology. If she stayed home, God would not have had to make her child ill to get her attention.”

Of course, Christian women voted for Roy Moore. They voted for Donald Trump. They did it with the assurance that God would reward them for their continued submissiveness to the male prerogative of sexual aggression.

If the conservative Christian world genuinely doesn’t want to see itself discarded on the trash pile of sad history, then I suggest they get their act together and address the dangers of a theology that supports male sexual aggression, pedophilia, and assault. And they’d better start taking some tough looks at their own practices and institutions.

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  • I think there’s also the fact that white people are, on average, basically rubbish. contributing to this continued support for Roy Moore.

    • Chuck Johnson

      “I think there’s also the fact that white people are, on average, basically rubbish.”
      Who are the “good races” in the USA ?

      • I’d say african americans and the various native american nations have come out somewhere near the top in the last couple hundred years, being responsible for precisely zero known genocides.

  • Etranger

    Christian women still believe in a religion that relegates them to second-class status. Why would one expect them to vote against male power and sexual abusers? They don’t know how to recognize them as bad.

    • We just need to infect more women with cultural marxist feminist ideals and turn them into baby-eating lesbian witches.

      But, being the baby eating reptilian lesbian that I am, it is disturbing to me that many women only marry emotionally distant men and have their children because heterosexual culture tells us that’s what’s “normal”, in exclusion to satisfying their own goals and dreams.

      • Etranger

        Bizarre response for sure!!

        • Well, there are people who literally believe that I (a trans lesbian) am a demon from the depths of hell who’s in communication with the lord of darkness themself.

          Why not humor them about all the other crazy theories?

          But to be honest, I do want to spread lesbianism to as many women as possible and destroy cisgender, heterosexual society- just that there’s no evidence of organised effort to do as such, much to my disappointment.

          • Etranger

            Ok. Just not very related to my comment.

          • Sorry I meandered a bit.

          • JamieHaman

            LOL I think it related very well to your comment, don’t you remember what Preacher /Mayor of Crazyville Pat Robertson said about feminist women?
            “Feminism is a socialist, anti-family, political movement that encourages women to leave their husbands, kill their children, practice witchcraft, destroy capitalism and become lesbians.” – Pat Robertson
            You can bet those second class women heard this, and believed it.
            This feminist has been waiting for years to turn into a lesbian witch!

  • Erp

    The majority of women voting did not vote for Moore. The subset, white women, voted for Moore but that was offset by 98% of the black women voting voting for Jones.

    • JamieHaman

      White women outnumber black women in Alabama, by about 1 million. So, white women didn’t vote in the same numbers black women did. Which is fortunate, because who needs a Moore like him in any office?
      If that subset of white women voters had turned out, I suspect we would see Moore in office, by a clear majority. Hey, maybe those white women have had enough of being submissive, and so stayed home.

      • Erp

        However this post’s statement was “According to a series of exit polls by the Washington Post, the majority of women in Alabama still voted for (alleged) pedophile Roy Moore” which is wrong. If it replaced “still voted” with “supported” it might be right (the exit polls don’t cover those who don’t vote) or if it use “white women” instead of “women”, it would be correct. BTW even though the majority of white women voted for Moore, fewer did, percentage wise, than white men (63% versus 72%).

    • Linda Coleman Allen

      This is one white woman who voted for Jones. So did my daughter and my grandson.

      • Erp

        My apologies, I should have been clearer.

  • Chuck Johnson

    It’s not just Christianity.
    Ancient societies, in general showed disrespect to women and children.
    You, Christy, would be a part of that mindset if you had lived way back then.
    As the years go by, humans find better ways to create societies and to live their lives.

  • Guthrum

    I think one reason is that the alternative was voting for a Democrat. As a loyal Southern Democrat I saw that Jones seems more moderate and sensible than the national party line. Most women I have heard from are against the left wing agenda that the leaders of the national Democrat party push. Jones might could lead a revival of the Southern Democrat party and its traditional American values. That’s the Democrat party I knew as a child.

  • Reese

    Excuse me. Why do LIBERAL women vote for sexual predators? Why did liberal women continue to support Slick Willie? Why did liberal Hollywood women continue to show up at Weinstein’s hotel rooms and offices? Why did CBS continue to tolerate Charlie Rose? Why did liberal newswomen at NBC cower to Lauer? For how many years? Why? Don’t ask me – I wouldn’t know – even though I’ve been married to a woman for 40 years and raised three daughters, I still do not understand how women think. But, I do know this, to characterize the foibles of women as a conservative phenomenon is the most disingenuous idea I have read from this dizzy writer.