Banned Words And Mein Führer Trump #THISMUSTSTOP

Banned Words And Mein Führer Trump #THISMUSTSTOP December 16, 2017

Yes, it is with a great sense of entitlement that Mein Führer Donald Trump has given us a list of banned words in his quest to eliminate the most vulnerable among us.

Autocrats give lists of banned wordsThe autocrat Trump, AKA known as the President of the United States, has handed down a list of banned words.

Of all the outrageous moves that the Trump administration has foisted upon us, this word ban is the greatest. This despicable man, as usual with the nearly total support of the religious “christian” evangelical world, has taken it upon himself to strip vital words from our common vocabularies to gain his ends.

These are the actions of a dictatorship.

Now, by executive fiat, no longer may these words be used in official reports from the Centers for Disease Control.

  • vulnerable
  • entitlement
  • diversity
  • transgender
  • fetus
  • evidence-based
  • science-based

My response:

The world goes forward in hope and with the courage to face adversity when we rely on evidence-based ways to address grievous, life-threatening human problems. Many of our most vulnerable citizens are the transgender people as well as the fetus whose mother is exposed to multiple toxins by the government’s refusal to honor the science-based disclosure of the harm brought about by the unrestricted use of chemicals in our food. We must embrace a diversity of opinions and voices and continue with entitlement programs until we can get every citizen on his or her feet and with access to adequate housing and healthcare.

And yes, it is with a great sense of entitlement that Mein Führer has given us a list of banned words in his quest to eliminate the most vulnerable among us. Always remember, the first job of a dictator is to silence dissent.

Words define our realities. When we have no words, we have no visibility. And when we lose commonly agreed upon meanings of our words (like “truth”), we also lose our commonality and ability to communicate meaningfully with one another.

When will our nation rise and stop this?

When will our greedy, self-serving politicians–and I do mean the GOP–resist this tyrant?

And most of all, when will the church find its courage and shout: “THIS MUST STOP?”

Yes, some voices are speaking out, but this is very much a “when they came for me” moment. When the tyrant can rip words from our mouths, he also has the power to take every other single thing from the citizens of the US.


Photo: By Bundesarchiv, Bild 102-10460 / Hoffmann, Heinrich / CC-BY-SA 3.0, CC BY-SA 3.0 de, Link, modified by Christy Thomas

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  • Think Light Blue

    A small correction, these rules apply to budget requests, not all documents. Of course we don’t know what Trump will do next.

    • kenofken

      Trump doesn’t know what he’ll do next either. Nor do his closest advisers or his nuclear armed opponents.

  • Reese

    My, my, Ms. Thomas, Your righteous indignation here is jacked-up by a report in fake-news CNN which quotes Planned Parenthood, the world’s epicenter of abortions. Do they really sell fetus body parts? Of course, they would be upset; the word “fetus” is at the heart of their business! (no pun intended) And, CNN, what an icon of unfair and unbalanced reporting! Anyway, having worked on a few budget proposals myself, those are “number” documents. They show income vs. expenditures. Generally, they are not the place for hyperbole in political correctness; budgets are facts and numbers. Maybe the business-oriented administration just wants the facts. Now, could you direct me to your written hysteria over statements like, “If you like your plan, you can keep your plan. If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor.” These were incredible lies, repeated many times. They did not quite rival the lies of famous socialists like Marx and Mao, but I was wondering if you ever put a picture Obama with those two to make a point? Hmmmmm? Merry Christmas! (P.S. Never assume Trump is acting alone. He is acting as we supporters fully expected and continue to support,)

  • Martha Anne Underwood

    Even if these words are banned only from budget requests, Trump has no business banning these words. I am saddened by what is happening in our country. The conservative right wants to impose their beliefs on us all by governmental control and I am sick and tired of it.

    • Reese

      And Obama and the liberals were not trying to reshape America thru socialized medicine, 1000’s of new regulations on business and the environment, and PC correct logic, imposing their socialist beliefs on we free, capitalist and individualistic Americans? Please! We are angry and we are fighting back to Make America Great Again! Merry Christmas!

  • Reese

    UPDATE: FAKE NEWS! Once again, CNN and the Washington Post et al have put liberal panties in a wad with FAKE NEWS. When are lberals ever going to learn that they are being played for fools by the liberal, lying press? This paste below taken from one of many articles on this on the web. I guess “The Thoughful Pastor” did not think it appropriate to admit she was done in. (Sorry, the devil in me edits to add how entertaining I find watching languishing liberals, sniffling snowflakes and demoralized Dems – better than almost anything I ever saw on the NFL! Liberals, dear liberals, try using common sense rather than emotions. Truth is so much fun!) Using Hitler over a question on 7 words? Seriously?

    From the web: “The director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is denying a report that the Trump administration had forbidden the nation’s top public health agency from using seven words, including “science-based,” in budget discussions.

    Scientists, doctors, and other health and medical professionals showed disbelief and anger after the Washington Post reported late Friday that CDC staff were prohibited from using the words “vulnerable,” “entitlement,” “diversity,” “transgender,” “fetus,” “evidence-based,” and “science-based” in documents being prepared for next year’s budget.

    The CDC did not return a request for comment on Friday. But after the story went viral, the agency’s director Brenda Fitzgerald pushed back against the story, starting with a series of tweets on Sunday.

    17 Dec

    Dr Brenda Fitzgerald

    I want to assure you there are no banned words at CDC. We will continue to talk about all our important public health programs.

    • Reese

      Still no mea culpa or apology for the Hitler reference, Ms. Thomas? Is the Thoughtful Pastor the Hiding Pastor?

  • Brandon Roberts

    this is fake, i’m not that much of a trump fan either but there are actual reasons to criticize the guy

    • Ocelot Aardvark

      It’s a YEAR later now, do you still feel the same way about “criticizing” TЯ☭itor-TЯ卐mp?

      How about these “Reasons”:

      Fraudulent Foundation
      Misuse of Tax Exempt Funds
      Felony Election Fraud
      Blabbed Top Secrets to Russian Spies in the Oval Office
      Hush Money Payments
      Violations of Campaign Finance Laws
      Imprisons, Tortures and Murders CHILDREN
      Obstruction of Justice
      Calls our Friends, Neighbors & Allies “Enemies”
      Yet sucks up to Murderous Dictators
      Exposed Navy Seals and Location to ISIS
      Emolument Violations and Profiteering
      Racketeering and Money Laundering
      IRS Tax violations
      Abuse of Power and Authority
      Provided False Papers to Undocumented Workers
      Shutdown the US Government to stroke his own Ego-Based Wall
      Threatens a “National Emergence” over a few bedraggled refugees
      Violation of Federal Immigration Laws

      • Brandon Roberts

        A: i didn’t say trump doesn’t do fucked up shit (or at least allows it to happens) or there aren’t really good reasons to not like him.
        B: i think it’s best to stick to the screwed up stuff he actually does, like all the people who died in immigration custody.

  • Reese

    Comparing Trump to Hitler? Fully 96 hours after her fake news post has been debunked, the “Thoughtful Pastor” is still in her bunker – not admitting the mistake or pulling her post. Now that we have a proven benchmark for her honesty, which I admit is no lower than for liberals in general, I submit her more accurate moniker will be “The Fibber Pastor”. Merry Christmas!

  • Nos482

    A little late, but still:
    Don’t call Trump Hitler.

    Hitler was woefully competent… Trump is more like Mussolini.

    • Ocelot Aardvark

      Either way, TЯ卐mp is a clear and present danger to the United States, and even to God’s entire Creation.