The Government Will Take No Steps To Stop The Slaughter of the Innocents

The Government Will Take No Steps To Stop The Slaughter of the Innocents February 16, 2018

There is virtually no chance that the US government will enact any regulation that would limit the distribution of assault weapons, so we must take steps to find ways to identify and restrict the freedoms of those who will almost inevitably use them for the slaughter of the innocents. We as a society must take seriously the fact that some people just have no business of freely participating in it.

Stop the slaughter of the innocents with assaut weaponsAnyone in the US who pays attention to the news is aware that there has yet been another school shooting, this time with 17 dead and a number injured. As is often the case, a semi-automatic weapon, legally obtained by a very troubled youth, was used for the mass murders. And as usual, we see this argument against gun control afterward: “You can have all the new laws you want. The criminals already have the guns or can get one if they try hard enough.”

It’s absurdly easy to demolish this response.

Since some people will routinely disobey traffic laws, let us dispense with all such rules and permit the roads to become free-for-alls.

Since banks will routinely try to scam people, we need to get rid of all banking regulations.

Since some pilots turn rogue, let’s stop vetting and training pilots and let anyone fly any plane anywhere they want, including into buildings.

Since some enlisted people in the military will disobey their senior officers, let’s skip basic training and put undisciplined troops out into the field and hope they figure out how to operate as a cohesive team

Since some people have practiced medicine without a license, let’s eliminate all expensive medical education and licensing regulations and permit anyone to hang out a shingle as a trained physician.

Since some women will indeed seek abortions no matter their legality, let’s trash all abortion restrictions.

And since some (?) politicians are corrupt, let’s forego any ethical standards for those in elected office. Politicians should freely strongarm their constituents at will, and, without restraint, stuff their pockets at the public expense.

Oh, and one more: AND since some people will, willy-nilly, commit murder, let’s remove all laws that criminalize that behavior.

In other words, the argument, “Well some people will do it anyway so we should not restrict it” does not hold water. Healthy civilizations simply can’t function that way.

We must acknowledge human realities

But here is our human reality: we live in a world inundated by evil. Most of our politicians are bought and paid for by deep corporate pockets with a substantial stake in keeping the gun market unregulated and vigorous. Those holding elected office have almost no motives to act ethically and ban the sale and private ownership of semi-automatic assault weapons if it means displeasing those who keep them in their lucrative offices.

Also, too many people are broken, isolated, angry and without the kind of moral compass that says, “Slaughter of innocents is wrong.” This brokenness is the human condition. It’s not new. Just read your Bibles. The stories of unjust slaughter permeate those pages.

However, we are not helpless in the face of these horrific actions. Over the centuries, civilizations have indeed advanced, become less lawless, see far fewer murders. Heightened social awareness and sustained effort have brought about greater safety than we’ve experienced before.

Just one example: look at the power of women, especially mothers, to fight against drunk driving. It is no longer acceptable to get behind the wheel with an elevated blood alcohol level. Again, we are not powerless.

Too many lack societal support

But we do need to be more aware of the fact that too many men (note that the perps of mass slaughters are predominately male) have inadequate societal support to give them the tools to deal with the complications of a world that seems to be squeezing them out.

Let us acknowledge that many of our schools are not set up to provide a way of success for those not academically inclined or without the necessary athletic skills to find their social networks there. It is those isolated young men who become easy fodder for various white-supremacist or other groups, like ISIS, that can quickly radicalize them by giving them a place to connect.

This is also the human condition: all need some community around us, some group that finds us OK, acceptable, a place free from constant criticism or the sense of never-ever-belonging.

Everyone hates being the perpetual outsider or the everlasting misfit. Each of us, deep down inside, wants to know that someone, anyone, knows who we and yet finds us acceptable. If our current societal and religious institutions cannot find a place of belonging for those ever on the outside, we will all pay the price.

Another human reality: some will never fit

Another fundamental truth of the human condition: there will always be those in any society who cannot find a place to fit. Some people will inevitably need to be isolated from more normal functioning society. Some have faced sickening abuse and are permanently damaged; others are born with parts of their brain missing that make compassion and an awareness of other people’s rights and needs impossible.

One apparent commonality among these exiles: a willingness to hurt and torture animals. Perhaps we, as a society, can work more actively to surface those people early and remove them to highly structured, limited freedom, environments.

Many parents whose offspring have acquired multiple addictions or have histories of extensive anti-social behavior often note that they function unusually well in prison: with limited choices and with no access to mind-altering substances, some even thrive. But when released to the more usual freedoms that most of us enjoy . . . well, you probably know the stories.

Another truth: we are not born with equal abilities to deal with the endless pressures of life–and those pressures seem to be growing. A compassionate society is not one that bestows equal freedoms on all, but one that says, “With freedoms come responsibilities.”

The earlier we identify those who either will not or CANNOT live up to those responsibilities and provide decent, non-punitive alternatives for them, the healthier we all will be.

Remember, even early in the unfolding of Israel as a coherent society, they were told to establish “cities of refuge” where those who accidentally committed crimes that made them unacceptable to normal society could flee and rebuild a life.

The alternative is fearful children

The alternative to identifying and removing from normal society those who early show these troubling signs is to turn schools into training camps for survival. Note this piece from a Wall Street Journal editorial titled: “Schools Need Active Shooter Drills” .

It is an unfortunate reality that these horrific acts will continue to produce the same tragic results unless schools take precautions. In the aftermath of each mass shooting, Americans fiercely debate the extent and proper application of our Second Amendment rights. But gun ownership is a complicated and politically fraught issue. While that debate proceeds, we should do everything possible to prepare our children and their teachers to protect themselves. Florida’s shooting underscores the need for immediate action.

In other words, let’s build as fearful an atmosphere as possible for our children while doing nothing to remove from the streets people whom society has already identified as unable to function in a peaceful, law-abiding world. In this particular case, the FBI knew about him. They refused to act. That’s what’s got to stop. What we don’t need is to start treating students like incipient prisoners of war. There is just something scarily upside down here.

In many ways, our society currently operates much like the manufacturers of the deadly rear-engined Ford Pinto.  The manufacturers knew it was dangerous and people would inevitably face injury or death from being rear-ended. So, they built into their business model the amount of money they’d need to pay off the families of those who were injured and killed rather than undergo the more expensive process of changing the design.

We as a society must take seriously that some people have no business of freely participating in it. Certainly, some have no business buying assault weapons. At this point, there is no chance of the US government enacting any regulation that would limit the distribution of such weapons. Therefore we must take steps to find ways to identify and restrict the freedoms of those who will almost inevitably use those freedoms to slaughter even more innocents.

Photo credit: LowestForm0fWit on Visual Hunt /CC BY-NC

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  • jamesparson

    When a politician talks about “Thoughts and Prayers”, that needs to thrown back in there face as insufficient.

    I don’t think there is a large enough number of people willing to do that.

    • Chuck Johnson

      Look how thrilled Trump is to receive a bag of thoughts and prayers from Mike Bost.
      But the trees have green leaves. I wonder when and where this picture was taken ?

    • Chuck Johnson

      The jobs of a politician are (1) to gain power and money by being persuasive and (2) to figure wise and useful ways to serve the needs of their constituents.

      Too many in the USA spend their time working at (1) and show little respect for (2).

  • Scott

    I’m a proponent of banning assault style rifles and large capacity magazines, but that is just an emotional response. I really don’t think it will make any difference, but it will make me and others feel good. Did you know that in 2016 there were 374 people killed by rifles, all forms of rifles? There were 262 killed by a shotgun and 1,604 killed by a knife. Here is an interesting article by a progressive statistician who studied the issue when she was with Nate Silvers fivethirtyeight blog.
    Until we figure out why our society is creating people that have so much rage and hate in them, this will continue. We have approximately 90 guns for every 100 people in the US, which is freaking insane. But Norway, France, Canada, Austria and Iceland all have about 30 per 100 (all in the top 15 worldwide) and there isn’t the slightest problem. You’d think that if it was the gun there would be some proportionality. We are such a messed up country. So frustrating.

    • PedasiPaul

      == you’d think if it was the gun there would be some proportionality ==

      While the US ranks number 1 in the world in firearms per capita. Canada ranks tenth, with only about a third as many guns per 100 residents as the US. The proportion of suicides by firearm is also about one third the rate in Canada as in the US.

      • Scott

        My apologies for not being clear. I was referring to mass shootings and school shootings.

        • PedasiPaul

          I understand. Use of firearms to kill doesn’t count if it’s suicide. Tell that to the families and friends.

          • Scott

            WTF? I never said it didn’t count. I said one would expect some proportionality in relation to homicides/mass shootings to gun ownership. My point was we as a society (USA) have some serious issues in regard to fomenting hate and rage.

          • PedasiPaul

            I didn’t realize that suicides weren’t included when you wrote this:

            == Did you know that in 2016 there were 374 people killed by rifles, all forms of rifles? There were 262 killed by a shotgun and 1,604 killed by a knife. ==

          • Scott

            Sometimes it comes accross that I am in support of guns in society because I rail against the conventional wisdom. Nothing could be further from the truth. I just want to point out that we can ban AR style guns, which I am in favor of, but what do we do after the next school massacre that doesn’t include an AR? This is an emotional iauue, and rightly so. But we need to think comprehensively. As a general rule, the left will make it all about guns, as is displayed night after night in the mainstream press, and the right will make it about everything but the gun. They are both wrong!!

          • PedasiPaul

            I agree with your last statement. There is no simple solution. The type of minor gun control measures that could possibly pass won’t make much of a difference.

            But the following facts suggest guns need to be addressed: “Compared to 22 other high-income nations, the U.S. gun-related murder rate is 25 times higher. Although it has half the population of the other 22 nations combined, the U.S. had 82 percent of all gun deaths, 90 percent of all women killed with guns, 91 percent of children under 14 and 92 percent of young people between ages 15 and 24 killed with guns.”

  • Linda Coleman Allen

    Great idea. Now, all we have to do is implement it.

    • Judgeforyourself37

      We cannot implement this until we stop voting for NRA supported congress people. If your congressman or woman took money from the NRA do not vote for him or her again.
      As is stands, now, money talks, and the NRA owns many of our congress people.

  • Wise Crackuh

    Because our government has failed to protect us from evil people entering our borders for decades (we know they are among us because we have already witnessed their killing of so many of our own), we will keep our guns, and our right to buy more, and our resolve to protect our homes and families and country.
    Because we know that the FBI ignored several warnings about this nut (evidently the FBI is too busy having in-house affairs, writing fake dossiers, misrepresenting issues to FISA judges and sending text messages to have time) and because we know that a plethora of laws on the books now are not being followed enough, we will keep our guns and our belief that these horrific tragedies can be prevented if existing laws are strictly followed by those we trust to do so.
    However, now proven once again, as the blogger notes, “the government will take no steps to stop the slaughter of the innocents”. Therefore, we must lock and load and stand our watch…

    • Judgeforyourself37

      Take a look again, most of these mass shooters are male, white, US citizens and between the ages of 20-45. No, you cannot pass the blame of people fleeing a nation that were dangerous.
      Lock, load and stand watch will kill other innocent people. You are looking in the wrong places to put the blame and have the wrong solution to the issue.
      Stringent gun laws, no bump stocks, no military weapons, no On Line purchases of guns, and a waiting period at all gun shows, so that the person buying the gun/s can go through a background check. I would, also, advocate that all gun owners carry insurance on each and every gun they own. All gun owner must to have been educated, not just a two day crash course, as to how to handle and use a fire arm.
      Google the map of states with the most stringent gun laws. Those states have fewer gun deaths.

      • Wise Crackuh

        Would it be O.K. if I passed blame if ALL of those “people fleeing a nation” were not innocent victims, but a few mixed in were un-vetted terrorists, jihadists, MS-13 and others who come not to take part, but to take us apart? Sorry, this old vet demands full vetting!

  • PedasiPaul

    I agree that there is no chance the Congress will enact any new laws that the NRA does not sign off on. Even if Democrats take control of Congress in 2019, they would have overcome both a GOP filibuster in the Senate, which takes 60 votes, and a Presidential veto, which takes 66 votes. In short, I don’t expect any significant new laws in the foreseeable future. Eighteen-year-olds will still be able to legally buy AR-15s.

    • Judgeforyourself37

      There is the problem of the NRA having a very large lobby. The NRA has bought and paid for many in our congress. They have the money, and congress opens wallets to take their hefty contributions. Until that ceases we will have guns, too many guns.
      However, some states have stricter gun laws than others. The states with stricter gun laws have fewer gun deaths. Let us use some common sense here, it is not rocket science!

      • Wise Crackuh

        FYI: The “NRA” is ONLY a representative of REAL people – around 4,500,000 real people and millions more who simply support and send contributions! It is not just an office in DC with lots of lawyers and lobbyists. We members not only send money to the NRA to support its efforts, we also vote. So, to characterize the NRA as some nefarious entity which singularly stands in the way of progressives and assaults on #2 is as incorrect as characterizing President Trump as a singular individual doing his own thing when he represents 10s of millions of us – 46 million of us follow him on Twitter just to get his thoughts direct. ALSO, “having a very large lobby”, as you say, buys and pays for many in Congress. I fully agree. For example, Planned Parenthood has spent $$1.5 BILLION on political activity over the last 10 years – now that is some serious buying of politicians. During the same time period, the NRA spent a paltry $200 million. $1.5 BILLION vs. $200 million? And, if you hold the NRA responsible for some deaths in schools, what responsibility do you assign Planned Parenthood for the millions of murders committed in abortion clinics?

        • Judgeforyourself37

          Spare me the comparison. Planned Parenthood only spends 3% of their time and money on abortions.
          A fetus is not a full, breathing, functioning person. It is a only potential life.
          Planned Parenthood is the only access to medical care for the poor, they supply free or low cost contraception which keeps the rate of unwanted pregnancies low.
          Abortion, my friend, is not murder.
          You, if you are a cogent adult cannot equate a fetuses with those 20 six year old children in New Town, Ct., or those high school students just recently gunned down.
          Abortion may be the law, but it is becoming harder to access, especially in some areas of our country, the south for example. There are the TRAP laws that say such erroneous things such as an abortion clinic must be built like a hospital that cares for critically ill patients. Abortion is safer than childbirth.
          Abortion is so difficult to access today that there are now underground clinics, just as there were pre Roe. The issue is how does a desperate woman find them?
          I worked in a day when abortion was illegal, but don’t kid yourself, if a woman was wealthy, she was assured a safe abortion. A poor or middle class woman was the one to suffer, and sometimes die, due to a DIY abortion.

          • Wise Crackuh

            ” I will have so much to apologize for at Judgement, but at least I will not have to explain stating, “Abortion…is not murder”. How liberals can discern a difference between the unfair death of a child vs. the unfair death of an unborn child is beyond my comprehension.

          • Chuck Johnson

            Do you define the killing of a zygote to be murder ?

        • Chuck Johnson

          You discredit yourself and your politics when you write about the millions of murders committed in abortion clinics.
          You show yourself to be gullible and dishonest.

        • Chuck Johnson

          Christy’s essay is educational.
          It shows how people attempt to deceive themselves and each other by using logical fallacies.
          You should read her article and then do further research into logical fallacies.
          Your comment is full of logical fallacies. You should give up the gullibility and dishonesty of this type of politics.

  • Chuck Johnson

    Christy, the Ford Pinto did not have a rear engine. It had a rear gas tank.

  • Chuck Johnson

    “In other words, let’s build as fearful an atmosphere as possible for our children . . . ”
    Fear and resentment are the main reasons that people shoot up schools.
    Showing children contempt produces mass murders.

  • Chuck Johnson

    Thank you for the logical and persuasive content of this essay.
    Excessive emotionality makes stories and essays less persuasive.

  • Wise Crackuh

    “The Government Will Take No Steps To Stop The Slaughter of the Innocents” – how true! 1 school deputy and 3 armed deputies who did not go in to confront the shooter during the assault, 2 prior tips to the FBI stating in very clear terms as to what he would do, 39 situations with local police and no resulting actions? This situation is very clear evidence as to why we in the general, honest population must remain armed and ready to defend ourselves, our homes, our everything! Don’t blame the NRA – blame the PC police! “A bad guy with a gun can only be stopped by a good guy with a gun.”

  • ollie

    Violence whether guns or otherwise will continue to worsen as long as we believe that life is a zero-sum game.

  • Brandon Roberts

    hopefully violence will be cut down