Do NOT Impeach Donald Trump Or God’s Wrath Will Fall

Do NOT Impeach Donald Trump Or God’s Wrath Will Fall November 26, 2019

Above all, do not impeach Donald Trump. If Mr. Trump did it, then God wants it. Quit getting in God’s way or you will pay. Never forget: God gets to be vengeful, not you. Be quiet and learn to submit to the superior forces. 

Do NOT impeach Donald Trump or you will face God's judgment and wrath

* See note on my mental state at bottom of the page.

Currently, many small-minded people think President Donald Trump is most certainly guilty of various high crimes and misdemeanors.

Yes, so-called “evidence” points that way. But those who rush to judgment remain blind to the big picture. God has chosen Donald Trump for this exact time and place.

To impeach Donald Trump and deny this clear will of God will bring God’s wrath and vengeance down upon this nation and, especially, upon all who stand in opposition to The Chosen One.

But, some say, “How could God choose such a blatantly immoral liar to be the Holy Vessel to bring about God’s will upon earth?”

God’s morality is higher than human morality

In truth, God’s morality rises far above petty human morality. Picking an a-moral man like Mr. Trump makes perfect sense. This lack of any internal moral grounding or ethical ideals makes it far easier for the Mighty God to personally direct the brilliant, unsurpassed, and unsullied-by-human-learning-or-knowledge brain of Mr. Trump. Mr. Trump does not need to listen to any human experts because God communicates directly with him.

How do we know that? Because Mr. Trump says it. He openly acknowledges his position as the Chosen One, far exceeding any claims to special status that Jesus, whom many formerly accepted as the Chosen One, ever had.

Whatever Mr. Trump says, despite what small humans may interpret as misalignment with external realities, must be held to as absolute truth. Those who seek to hold Mr. Trump to such insignificant things as scientific fact or verifiable realities simply do not have the spiritual capacities to understand a mind and soul that so transcends our realities that it is able to so perfectly reflect the mind and will of the Infinite God, Creator of All.

Remember always, the Chosen One may look like he used threats to force a foreign nation to interfere in a domestic political situation, an action directly opposed to current US laws, but just because it looks this way and smells this way and can be verified as an intentional action DOES NOT MEAN that God didn’t want it.

If Mr. Trump does it, then God wants it

Above all, do not impeach Donald Trump. If Mr. Trump does it, then God wants it. Quit getting in God’s way or you will pay. Never forget: God gets to be vengeful, not you. Be quiet and learn to submit to the superior forces.

If Mr. Trump wants all brown people fleeing to the US to escape oppression, torture, and certain death, like Jesus’s parents did when they went to Egypt, to be locked out of our nation or locked into unheated or uncooled cages, separated from their children and without needs for basic human decency provided, then these acts, despite being totally unbiblical and without a shred of righteousness, MUST be seen as the new morality desired by the Holy God.

Biblical “truths” have no standing against the words and desires of The Chosen One. Quit trying to justify your criticisms of Mr. Trump by studying the Holy Writ. He has transcended such puerile writings.

Yes, you say we live in a democracy and thus are governed by agreed-upon laws. Democracy, shemocracy, you tiny-minded people. God has bigger plans for the US. We SHALL RISE AGAIN and this time, properly take over the world. But such greatness can only be accomplished by the leadership of the Chosen One, i.e., Donald Trump.

Again, do NOT impeach Donald Trump and thus thwart the will of God.

Democracy is too slow for God or the Chosen One

Elected democratic governments move far too slowly to reach such important, God-ordained goals. We need a brilliant, God-directed mind to move at lightning speed here. Silly human-created laws must be wiped away to let the Holy Genius of Mr. Trump cut through the muck of “laws” or procedure or judicial courts.

A new Gospel is emerging as this Messiah, this Chosen One, establishes his reign and prepares for his children—something Jesus never bothered with—to step into his place as the Scions, the heirs to the kingdom, our next royal rulers, groomed and ready for this task.

Do not hinder them or you will be guilty of hindering God—and you will face divine, and human, punishment. I promise you that. You will be very, very sorry you shook your fist in the face of God.

This “God is love” stuff is a bunch of hogwash. God has STANDARDS, you idiots. And they MUST be upheld, by force if necessary.

Face it: Mr. Trump must remain above and beyond any laws if He (and yes, we must start capitalizing pronouns when we refer to the Chosen One) is to fulfill God’s plan. Under Mr. Trump’s holy leadership, God will rule this nation and do so with an iron rod.

No more “alternate sexualities,” no more so-called “gender-fluidity,” no more funny-colored skins, no more reproductive “freedoms” for women. We are a WHITE, male-directed nation, and these men are meant to rule the world, possibly even the universe, while the [white] women happily produce as many [white] offspring as possible so we can keep perpetuating this God-ordered rule.

That’s Mr. Trump’s holy calling. That is our destiny. Quit getting in the way and let the genius rule.

*Note: I had a fever and chills when writing this–I trust the clarity of my argument was not compromised by my illness. 

Photo credit: Michelangelo’s The Last Judgment, public domain, with a cartoon of Donald Trump, ID 116991709 © Vectorfarmer |, imposed over it.


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