The LEAD09 Conference: Chester and Dodson in Maine (October 9-10)

The LEAD09 Conference: Chester and Dodson in Maine (October 9-10) August 29, 2009

lead_936I wanted to give you more info on the LEAD09 conference I mentioned yesterday in my links.  Here’s a little more from the conference website

Here’s what conference organizer Ramsey Tripp says about it:

“Lead09 is designed to promote the gospel, community and mission of the Church—to answer the questions many of us have been asking about what the Church is, how we fit into the Church and the mission of the Church. The best way this is done is through attending in a group.  We are excited for your Church to attend and want to extend a group discount to make is easier on your pocket.

For all groups of 5 or more your registration will only be $60 a person. If you have a group please email our group registration services at info[AT]  We look forward to seeing you this October.”

More info:

October 9th & 10th 2009
Auburn Maine

560 Park Ave. Auburn Maine 04210

Cost: by September 18th -$75ea | after September 18th $100

And here’s some stuff on the material and speakers:

Windham Baptist Church is partnering with Atmosphere Church (of EABC) to host a conference October 9-10 that we hope God will use to bring about gospel renewal throughout Maine, New England and beyond. It’s called Lead ‘09 and the theme is Gospel, Community and Mission.  This two-day conference is a call to each of us and our churches to take Jesus seriously–to radically reshape our lives around the gospel word so that we can truly be his gospel community on God’s mission.

Our two speakers are both God-centered, Christ-exalting, Spirit-dependent leaders who teach the Word of God  faithfully with passion, humility and urgency.  Tim Chester is a writer, Bible teacher and church planter in Sheffield, UK. An author of many books, Tim is also the co-author of Total Church, a biblically-rich book on what it means to BE the church. Jonathan Dodson is the lead pastor of Austin City Life in Austin, TX. His articles have often blessed our church family, especially “Fight Club” and “Anger: the image of Satan.” On a personal note, Jonathan is a treasured friend. Having served with him in both the local church and in global missions, I can tell you without hesitation that you will be blessed by his teaching.

I said this yesterday, but it’s really exciting to see Maine churches holding a conference of this kind that will promote church health and gospel advancement.  Because of the culture of disbelief and the considerable challenges to ministry in their regions, New England and Northeast Christians, like Christians from other places, can sometimes adopt a retreat mentality.  They can grow timid.  This response is understandable; indeed, ministry in the Northeast can be terribly difficult in a way that Christians from other places may struggle to understand.

But what the church needs is not to retreat, but to advance (I nabbed this from Mars Hill).  This conference should provide encouragement, both practical and theological, toward that end.  We should be realistic about our hopes, but we should also be hopeful, asking the Lord to bring revival.  Our great God is strong and faithful.  He sees His people in particularly dark places.  He will strengthen and reward them.  As they continue on, fighting the good fight, He will bless them. 

Many churches in this world may not grow huge or feature world-renowned preaching, but those are not the church’s goals, anyway.  The point of it all is to be faithful, trusting, and aggressive for the gospel.  It would be great to see churches and organizations that have these goals unite together–for example, to have accomplished groups like NETS and NECEP at this conference, making connections with like-minded folk.  Christians can only benefit by banding together, particularly in dark regions like New England and the Northeast.

I’m hugely encouraged by what East Auburn Baptist Church, Atmosphere Church, and Windham Baptist Church are doing.  May this conference draw many, and may it have an effect that goes beyond a few days of corporate thinking and meditating.  May the Lord grant New England and Northeast Christians unity, boldness, and blessing in the gospel.  Even if you’re thousands of miles away, will you pray for this conference, and for the work of the gospel in New England and the secular Northeast?

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  • Thanks Owen for this blog, we are really looking forward to Lead and the potential that it has for the NE area. Prayers would be great from all, as we advance the gospel into a dechurched, unchurched region.

    Thanks again!

  • owenstrachan

    Josh–thanks for writing. Great to hear from you. Hope that I can meet you some day and hear all about the Lord’s work in and through you and the church.

    I will be praying hard for this conference, and for the unity and spirit of gospel aggression it might bring. Wherever the Lord brings conversion and revival, His people are boldly and joyfully proclaiming the gospel. Praying for you and your church as you do just that.

    If you or someone else wants to report about the conference on this blog, just contact me through the comments. I’ll post it in October.

  • Brian Ritchie

    Owen – great post. You ever make it back this way? Love to catch up sometime.

  • owenstrachan

    Brian! Great to hear from you. Sadly, I don’t make it to Maine very much. I miss it terribly.

    If and when we do make it back, I would love to get together and hear how you and your family are. Give my best to Amy. Blessings on your work and ministry.

  • Owen, thanks for putting the word out there to celebrate and pray for what God is doing here in Maine and New England!

  • anna

    i admit i almost fell out of my chair when i saw it was being held in maine… this place is spiritually probably the deadest state in the union. actually i think it is 49th with vermont being 50th.

  • The conference starts today! Thanks for getting the word out to pray. Let the praying continue!