Least Adopted Children, Rebuilding Men, and the Hilarious Jean-Ralphio

Least Adopted Children, Rebuilding Men, and the Hilarious Jean-Ralphio January 29, 2010

According to the NYT, black boys are the least likely children to be adopted.  This is helpful for Christians who have a heart for orphan care to keep in mind.


This is an interesting website from an African-American pastor who is calling for the renewal of men in his community.  Looks like great stuff.


Have you met Jean-Ralphio?  Many of us have, though we may not have encountered this utterly hilarious Parks & Recreation character.  Note to men: avoid being like this guy by any means possible…


Garry Kasparov in The New York Review of Books on chess, artificial intelligence, and his career.  Quite interesting.

Did you know this:

Another staple, a variation of which is also used by Rasskin-Gutman, is to say there are more possible chess games than the number of atoms in the universe.



Have a great weekend, all.

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  • I think that people ought to start adopting these kids so that they can grow up in a two parent family.According to stats,kids who grow in a one parent home are more likely to end up in the drug trade,drop out of school and end up in prison.