Jamie Oliver, the Morality of Food, Al Mohler, and The Essential Edwards Collection on Air

Jamie Oliver, the Morality of Food, Al Mohler, and The Essential Edwards Collection on Air April 3, 2010

Are you watching Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution?  It’s viewable online and is quite entertaining in a reality-show kind of way.  Even if Jamie does cry a bit much for my tastes. 

The show showcases the hideous and death-inducing eating habits of many people, some of whom don’t know any better and aren’t in a position to help themselves.  We’ve transferred our indulgences to our children, and they are unhealthy and impoverished as a result.  It’s a sad and sickening situation. 

In a culture with a McDonald’s on every corner, we all need to eat more vegetables, fruits, and what one might call “real food” (not processed junk loaded with salt and sugar).  We need to feed this same food to our kids.  Feeding them unhealthily is not a small thing.  It’s dangerous and plays with their health.  It might give them diseases and even send them to an early grave.  Considered in this light, what we eat ties in closely with morality.  Without getting shrill or heavy-handed, it seems highly problematic to feed kids food that will make them obese, addicted to harmful substances, and endangered.  Food Revolution shows this from a neutral standpoint.

And, to briefly handle a very common reaction, eating healthily is not more expensive than the alternative.  Sure, if you go for the super-premium kind of stuff, it is.  But fruits and vegetables and “real food” is not exorbitantly priced.  It takes a little planning and creativity, but then, don’t all good things?


Al Mohler has a helpful piece on public-school science and how we can fall into the trap of thinking that “science” is morally and philosophically neutral and thus able to speak authoritatively irrespective of other concerns.  The defense calls Mr. Cornelius Van Til, expert witness on a robust doctrine of human sin and attendant noetic–or “mental”–effects of the fall.


You may have heard of The Essential Edwards Collection (Moody, 2010).  But you may have doubts, deep doubts, about the authors (ahem).  To dispel these fears, tune in to a discussion of Jonathan Edwards and this book collection on Monday’s (April 5) edition of the Albert Mohler Radio Program at 4pm CST and 5pm CST.  You can listen online for free.  It was a huge honor to do this show, to say the very least. 

Also, TGC Reviews did an interview piece on the five-volume set.  If this media does not resolve your concerns about the project and its authors, nothing will…

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