David Platt, Ben Stiller, and a Fantastic Singer/Songwriter

David Platt, Ben Stiller, and a Fantastic Singer/Songwriter April 1, 2010

The booklist for Band of Bloggers has been released, and it includes such brand-new titles as David Platt’s Radical and Kevin DeYoung’s The Good News We Almost Forgot.  There are less than 40 spots left, so to get these and more than $200 of deeply edifying works, sign up post-haste.  This is your final boarding call.


Relevant just interviewed Ben Stiller, star of Greenberg.  This film sounds culturally insightful (featuring a deficient man) but very morally problematic.


Andrew Belle is the hot new thing of the singer/songwriter crowd and a must-listen.  His song “The Ladder” is irresistible and elegant.  He went to Taylor University and seems to write from a believing perspective for a wider audience.  Reminds me of Mat Kearney.  With props to Andrew Lisi, purveyor of fine taste since 1983.


The Gospel Coalition just debuted a new site, TGC Reviews.  It meets the excellent standards of the TGC “brand” and will be a go-to resource for pastors and laypeople who want to stay up on rich and edifying material.  See, for example, a nicely crafted review of Graham Cole’s God the Peacemaker by David Schrock.


The highly cool website futurity.org breaks down recent studies for common consumption.  This would be a great help to those who want to stay up on current research but don’t have time to chase it down.


Did you know that New Testament theologian Scot McKnight averaged 30 points per game when playing college basketball?  No less an authority than Grant Osborne passed this along.


Michael Lawrence, one of the keenest pastor-theologians around, has written a book on biblical theology for the church that releases at the end of April.  I can’t wait to get my hands on this.

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