First Issue of Credo Magazine: John Frame, Bruce Ware, Tim Challies on Scripture

First Issue of Credo Magazine: John Frame, Bruce Ware, Tim Challies on Scripture October 5, 2011

A few months back I made mention of a new magazine, Credo, which is reformed, credobaptistic, and focused on theology and history.  The first issue was published yesterday and it is a humdinger.

Click here to go to the main page of the magazine.  Credo is an online production, and you can read it either as a PDF or as a digital publication.  You’ll find stimulating resources like an interview with Bruce Ware, another with John Frame, an interview on the reformers with Timothy George, an article for the “reformed pastor” by Tim Challies, an article on B. B. Warfield by Fred Zaspel (author of this excellent resource on Warfield), an article on the King James Version by Michael Haykin, and much more.

Here’s a brief description of the issue’s contents:

Is Scripture inspired by God or is it merely the work of man? Peter writes, “For no prophecy was ever produced by the will of man, but men spoke from God as they were carried along by the Holy Spirit” (2 Pet 1:21). The October issue of Credo seeks to affirm the inspiration and inerrancy of Scripture as doctrines that are faithful to the testimony of Scripture itself. Contributors include: Gregg Allison, John Frame, Timothy George, Fred Zaspel, Michael A.G. Haykin, Tim Challies, Matthew Barrett, Thomas Schreiner, Tony Merida, Owen Strachan, J. V. Fesko, Robert Saucy, and many others.

By the way, I have a piece on sola Scriptura, the Reformational idea that Scripture alone is the church’s final authority (contra historic Roman Catholic Christianity).  Here’s a snatch from it:

As Luther affirmed the objective nature of Scripture’s authority, he felt the existential weight of this truth keenly, as both Roland Bainton’s Here I Stand and Erik Erikson’s Luther make clear. Scripture was the creator of the church, and Scripture was the guardian of the soul. He was captive to the Word, and could do nothing but affirm this reality. Sola Scriptura, we see, is not a doctrine that we hold lightly. It is an explosive idea, one that asserts precedence over all other systems and that destroys our natural sinful claim to self-rule. To affirm this great Reformational idea is to affirm in simple biblical terms that God is true, and every man is a liar.

Go here to start digging into this excellent magazine.  In coming days, Credo will be releasing individual pieces of content on its blog, which will make it easy to “Tweet” or “Like” the material.

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