Reviewing Rapper Trip Lee’s New Album

Reviewing Rapper Trip Lee’s New Album April 10, 2012

Just published a review of rapper Trip Lee’s new album (out today), The Good Life.  Head over to the Gospel Coalition to check it out.

Here’s a teaser:

The rappers used to sit on the periphery of evangelical life. Now they’ve taken over. Their songs play not only in the streets, but in the minivans, the seminary offices, and the homes of folks who say they play the music “for the kids.” I’m here to call bluff on you, suburban pastor. I know you love the music for yourself.

Introducing Trip Lee

One of the leaders in this God-given revolution is Trip Lee, born William Lee Barefield III in Dallas, Texas. For many, the first encounter with Trip was in Lecrae’s ceiling-shattering “Jesus Muzik” video. In that song, Trip nearly stole the show with his guttural Southern drawl and quick fire lyrics. In the last six years, Trip has released three albums (two of which charted on Billboard), enrolled at bustling Boyce College as a student of the Word, interned at Capitol Hill Baptist Church, and performed at venues like the prestigious South by Southwest music festival in Austin, Texas. Trip is a talented lyricist blessed with an unforgettable voice, a smooth-as-a-milkshake flow, and a comprehensive grasp of the Scriptures. His fourth album, The Good Life, debuting today (April 10, 2012), is an impressive accomplishment, his best to date, and a must-buy for the evangelical public. (You can find it on AmazoniTunes, and Reach Records.)

Read the whole thing.

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