Go Check Out the Brand-New CBMW Website

Go Check Out the Brand-New CBMW Website April 9, 2013

The new CBMW website has just launched. We at CBMW are thrilled with this new resource. Over the next several days, I’ll be introducing you to the various features of the site. Today, though, I want to point your attention to the site itself and invite you to check out our new design.

Here’s a bit from the official welcome I wrote for the new site:

We are so glad you’ve stopped by. We think you’ll find here a rich array of resources that all begin with one grand ambition: to love the Lord and, in doing so, to cling to the wisdom that springs from his gospel. The focus of CBMW is just that: to help Christians and churches to discover God’s good plan for men, women, families, congregations, and publicly minded believers.

There is an exciting story at the heart of Scripture, and gender is prominently featured throughout it: the sexes go awry in the fall (Gen. 3:1-7), receive different sentences in the curse (Gen. 3:16-19), struggle in biblical history to live up to God’s call, and experience redemption and power for fully realized manhood and womanhood through the cross of Christ (Gal. 3:27, Eph. 5:21-33, 1 Tim. 2-3, Titus 1-2). It’s crucial to know the contours of this story in order to experience the redemptive power of Christ as a man or woman.

You can read more of this kind of content at Join us at the new site, and please come back very often to make use of the many resources we’ll be offering God’s people for flourishing and gospel health.

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