CBMW’s “Go Big” Campaign Moves Ahead: Interview with Greg Gilbert

CBMW’s “Go Big” Campaign Moves Ahead: Interview with Greg Gilbert June 20, 2013

This week at CBMW we had the privilege of interviewing Greg Gilbert, a Louisville pastor who participated in a very well-received Together for the Gospel/CBMW panel in 2012. We’re running these interviews to introduce the next generation of complementarian leaders. We also want to show that many stand with CBMW as we pursue our $30,000 “GO BIG!” matching campaign (it ends on June 30).

Greg is a young evangelical leader and a strong complementarian. He earned his BA from Yale, his MDiv from The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, and is senior pastor at Third Avenue Baptist Church in Louisville, Kentucky. Greg and I worked together for several memorable years in the Southern Seminary office of R. Albert Mohler, Jr. He’s a dear friend.

A couple of questions from the interview:

CBMW: What role, if any, has CBMW played in your life and ministry?

Gilbert: I have read more articles and books from CBMW and its key leaders than I can possibly list!  Piper and Grudem’s Recovering Biblical Manhood and Womanhood was crucial in my developing a defensible position on complementarianism, and I’ve been helped over and over by CBMW materials in learning how to communicate complementarian ideas to people who don’t naturally embrace them.

CBMW: Why do you support CBMW, and encourage others to do the same?

Gilbert: Careful, biblical thinking on these matters is so important in an age when everything the Bible says about sex and gender is under assault.  Truths that were taken for granted 20 years ago are ridiculed today, and just as the Bible warned, evil is celebrated as good, and good rejected as evil.  We as Christians have a hard road ahead of us as our culture loses the last vestiges of its Christian worldview.  It’s good to know that the people at CBMW will be helping us think carefully, biblically, and pastorally about these important questions.

Read the whole thing, and check out our interview with New England pastor Jeramie Rinne as well. We have more interviews in the queue.

We’re eager to partner with those who stand with CBMW–you can give right here on our Simple Donation page. With folks from all over the world, and across denominational lines, we want God’s people to experience the full flourishing he intends for men and women to experience in the roles given us to play in his grand gospel drama.

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