Flash-Sale: My Book “Awakening the Evangelical Mind” is $3

Flash-Sale: My Book “Awakening the Evangelical Mind” is $3 October 26, 2017

awakeningAnother week, another shockingly low price on a book I’ve written.

My 2015 monograph Awakening the Evangelical Mind (Zondervan Academic) is on sale right now for $3Awakening tells the story of how the “neo-evangelicals” reloaded the evangelical mind, starting new schools, thought-journals, and academic associations. The chapter that I most enjoyed writing was Chapter Six on “Crusade University.” Crusade was essentially, in Carl F. H. Henry’s mind, the “Christian Harvard” that evangelicals have never successfully built (Baylor and Wheaton came the closest, most likely). During my dissertation hearing at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, historian George Marsden (my external reader) told me that he had never heard of Crusade University. If the foremost historian of evangelicalism did not know of the planned school, I’m quite certain that no one else does, either.

If you are an intellectually curious Christian, if you’re interested in the future of Christian institutions, and if you like accessible history, you could do worse than to forgo your daily Starbucks cup and buy Awakening the Evangelical Mind. It’s my hope that the book, which builds upon the excellent historical scholarship of Marsden, Joel Carpenter, Garth Rosell, Douglas Sweeney, and others, will play some small part in encouraging the next generation of evangelical scholars, leaders, and pastors to dream big institutional dreams.

The text features an exclusive interview with Billy Graham, original research in the almost-untouched archives of Carl Henry, Harold Ockenga, and Kenneth Kantzer, and concluding reflections on Christian scholarship in a secular age. Endorsements kindly came from Tim Keller, Marsden, John Woodbridge, Thomas Kidd, David Dockery, and Garth Rosell.


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