October 19, 2021

      So why do Christmas and Easter get a break and Halloween does not? Read more

October 12, 2021

        The River declares the glory of God; The banks declare the work of Gods hands. Day after day, the river pours forth speech, night after night the river displays knowledge.   The river is a testimony.     Read more

October 5, 2021

T The time has come to “journey beyond the familiar and into the unknown.”. If Read more

September 26, 2021

  For example, I have religious reservations against oppression. But this is not because my religion says so. It is because my theology in both scripture and the natural world are consistent with the belief that, biblically and naturally, oppression is wrong.   Mark 12:31- love your neighbor as yourself. there is no commandment greater than these. 1 Corinthians 10:24- no one should seek there own good, but the good of others Philippians 2:3- do nothing out of selfish ambition... Read more

September 18, 2021

All of us who believe tend to use prayer in hard times. In this time we live in, fear is everywhere. Fear of Covid, fear of Covid Vaccinees. Fear of war and even fear of peace. We live in a time of individual uncertainty that the United States hasn’t seen since before World War II. People deal with fear in a myriad of ways and many of them are quite helpful and beautiful. It is here we can learn a... Read more

September 14, 2021

According to John Koch and his 2006 book “Celtic Culture: A Historical Encyclopedia.” Celtic Christianity refers broadly to certain features of Christianity that were common, or held to be common, across the Celtic-speaking world during the Early Middle Ages.” (Koch) Celtic Christianity has been viewed on many levels by many different writers. On one level, writers have sought to describe a distinct Celtic Church. It had the purpose of uniting the Celtic peoples. In early writings, it sought to distinguish... Read more

September 8, 2021

   Pro-Life is about Life By the example of Christ in the Gospels, pro life is a way of life, not a political end. We cannot claim to be pro life while allowing children to starve through the inaction of the church. Being pro-life means feeding the poor, and caring for the homeless. Pro-life means concern for the widow and the elderly. Shoving the elderly into a wholesale nursing home and moving on is not pro-life. Truly being pro life... Read more

September 3, 2021

  The biblical understanding of sin can be best understood looking at the context in which the words used to describe sin are used in the bible. The use of over 20 different words between the Old Testament and New Testament speak to the need for a multi-faceted view of sin. Very simply, sin is not simple. Many times, I have been told sin is simply wrong. But the Bible, from which we as Christians understand this concept does not... Read more

August 23, 2021

In my daily studies, I ran across the Jude of the Old Testament- Obidiah. Obidiah is the shortest book in the Old Testament. But like its New Testament predecessor- It is jammed full of theological treasure. But to understand that treasure one must look at the context of the writing. It is there we find an instance where God selects a prophet from the opposition to speak out against the opposition. Historical Context Obidiah is one of only three prophets... Read more

August 19, 2021

As we continue to journey through the 12 Apostles of Ireland, we find here in these three bravery. We find bravery in the face of the unknown, bravery in the face of danger and bravery in the face of oppression. As Christians we must have the courage to stand with our Ard Ri (High King) Jesus Christ in the face of all of these. These three saints from long ago, speak to us about this bravery for the love of... Read more

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