The Importance Of Individual Goodness

The Importance Of Individual Goodness August 30, 2021


The Bible verse talking about us being the salt of the Earth, is a really good one. That verse can be looked at from different points of view. It can be looked at from a generic and from a specific point of view. The verse goes this way:

Matthew 5:13 – “Ye are the salt of the earth: but if the salt have lost his savour, wherewith shall it be salted? it is thenceforth good for nothing, but to be cast out, and to be trodden under foot of men.”

According to the ministration of the Holy Spirit, the ‘you’ in the verse can mean a combination of all the christians on Earth and that ‘you’ can also mean an individual Christian. Either way, God is revealing to you and I how much we are worth. He is revealing to us how valuable we are to Him and to the world around us. We are not the judge of anyone, not even of our own selves. It is God who decides who we are and how much we are worth. God is saying that you as a person is someone the whole world cannot do without. You may feel or think that you are replaceable but God does not think so. You matter to Him.

What makes the Earth what it is? If the Earth was to be called a wicked place, why would anyone have reason to say that? People describe the Earth based on how other people have treated them. If I were to say that life is hard, I will be speaking from a negative experience people gave me. What makes the Earth what it is? It is a summation of how different people have treated other people or are treating other people. If 60% of the people you have met, treated you kindly and 40% was not kind to you, you will have a positive note to make about your experience here on Earth. In other words, we are the ones who make people’s lives whatever they are. We can make it miserable or beautiful depending on how we choose to respond to them.

The reason why there seems to be more evil than goodness in our world today is because people feel their own contribution does not count. They feel that if they are not good to someone, someone else will be. They do not want to take individual responsibility in making sure that the next person they meet, is left with a good experience of life. They are not responsible. If you think about all the bad things that might have happened to you, you will realize that someone was a tool of destruction in that experience. Betrayal comes from people, it does not just happen. Wickedness happens through a vessel, a person who has refused to be individually responsible for his neighbor ‘s happiness. Someone can be happy before meeting you but the way you treat that person can increase that happiness or take it away entirely. Your contact with people matter. People don’t forget how you made them feel. They may forget the things you said or even the things you did but they will never forget how you made them feel.

“They may forget what you said but they will never forget how you made them feel” – Carl .W. Buehner

Everyone you meet has a baggage of experiences, insecurities and issues that they are already dealing with. It would be beautiful if you relieve them of that burden, even in the least way you can. No one has seen God’s face before and not many people have daily visions of Jesus Christ but you can show them a little bit of heaven. It is by how you talk to them, what you say about them and how you treat them. We all meet different people everyday and they give us memories. Some of these memories are terrible, bitter, sweet or sour. What would you want people to remember you by? It does not matter if the person is a total stranger. It does not matter if  you may never see this person again, he or she is still someone. He or she is still a person.

For everyone you meet, it is a chance for you to prove to that person that good people still exist. We are all looking for good people but we don’t realize that we are people who can choose to be good. We are someone’s good person or someone’s good people. It all starts with us. Don’t say you don’t matter. You matter. What you do matters, what you say matters because you are a human being. A social being that can be related with, within a social context. People can see you and you have a body language that can be read. So, even if you try to be antisocial and isolate yourself from people. Even if you stay away from people and try not to get involved with anyone, your indifference is saying something to them. They can still read a meaning into your passivity. Your silence is saying something about you. It might not say the truth about you , that is why you have to actively ‘care’.

Salt adds flavor to food, it is used to heal, to restore and to preserve. That is who you are and that is what I am. This is what we should be doing: adding flavor to people’s lives. Healing the hurting ones, restoring those who are lost and preserving those who are ok. You have all these abilities inside of you because God says you are the salt. God is not a liar. It does not matter if you think less of yourself. You are what God says you are and you are the salt of the Earth. So, go be salt. Go add flavor to someone’s life, you must not know this person. You can bless a total stranger whom you have come in contact with. Leave this person with a good memory. It might be the only one he or she has ever had. You cannot tell, so be good.

Your words matter, your silence is saying something, your facial expression is saying something, your tone is saying something, your body language is saying something. Let people read something kind and sweet from you.


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