The Mind’s Role In Salvation

The Mind’s Role In Salvation November 30, 2021

In the christian walk with God, He leads us on a journey to a deeper revelation of Him. Day by day, when we open ourselves up and co-operate, He draws us into a closer connection with Him. This does not happen without the involvement of first, our minds. Our minds is one of the first levels of connection with God.

Before we can follow him out of our freewill, there always has to be a decision to follow. We decide to follow God because we understand to some extent, what He is about and what He offers. We believe it is a good thing so we go ahead and give Him a try by following Him. The progress of our relationship with God depends on our understanding of who He is. The more we understand Him and know His ways, the more inspired we will feel to keep going with Him. We will feel confident that we are getting the hang of it, we will feel successful. No one ever makes heaven without the engagement of the mind. The mind has to be involved because in order for someone to partake successfully in any activity, the person has to give it attention.

Ignorance hinders the progress of a christian ‘s walk. A christian can only place value on his or her relationship with God when he or she understands what it is really all about. Most times, people sin against God because they do not know the truth. To be able to live a righteous life, people need to have knowledge and understanding of what Christianity is all about. When they understand, that is the only time they can value God and their relationship with Him. This is why David in Psalms, always begged God to teach and guide Him. He knew that he cannot afford to be ignorant about the ways of God and what God desired from Him. David knew that, for him to be faithful and obedient, He needed to be taught by God and guided by God.

Ignorance simply means not having knowledge or understanding of the truth. When someone does not have knowledge or understanding of the truth, he or she is likely to decide from the little knowledge or misconception available. Someone who knows the truth will make the right choices, do the right thing, please God and consequently make heaven. Let us ask God to teach us about Him, help us understand His ways and guide us in the right path. He is divine, we are human. It is only Him who can show us the way to heaven. We on our own part, have to be available, teachable and co-operative. He is the God of our salvation but He cannot save us if we do not work with Him. It is true that God sometimes, steps in and delivers someone with His mighty arm but in most cases, we have to give Him the chance to step in. For us to take hold of the salvation that is ours in God, we have to give God premium attention, value and priority. We have to understand that we cannot run this race on our own. We need His guidance, supply of strength, teaching and training in order to scale through. May God help us in Jesus ‘ name, amen.

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