The Mind And Heart Of A Child

The Mind And Heart Of A Child November 15, 2021

The state of mind and heart required for owning and entering the kingdom of God is that of a child. The heart and mind of a person points to the nature of that person especially his or her consistent disposition. The Bible requires us to be like children, emphasizing that without being so, we cannot enter the kingdom of heaven. This means that the core characteristics of those who are already in heaven border on childlikeness.

If we were to ensure our attainment of heaven and entrance into it, we might want to shed the weight, years and complexity adulthood has given to us. We have to do this in order to adopt, once again, the mind and heart of a child.

Every one of us, even as adults, has within him or her the inner child. It has been proven by science that most adult issues/insecurities arise from unresolved childhood experiences. The kind of childhood we have predetermines the kind of adulthood we are going to have.

To deal with issues in adulthood, it is often helpful to go back to one’s childhood and deal with any unresolved matter back there. It could be hurtful things that were said to you, done to you, lack of attention, care e.t.c It can also be nothing negative but just a unique situation in which you found yourself, be it the manner of environment you grew up in, the responsibilities you bore rather too early or opportunities you were exposed to. Either way, in order to find the man or woman you are meant to be, you have to visit the little boy or girl you were.

Do not assume that you already know this little girl or boy just because he or she is you. Instead, get to meet him or her afresh, make acquaintance and be friends. This first meeting can be orchestrated by you in your mind consciously. You just have to work with your imagination, your knowledge and your feelings in order to connect. Surely, you still have the memories of your childhood, they will serve as frames of reference for this inner work.

In getting close enough, you will find pieces of you that were left behind, lost or misplaced. Some of these pieces may be broken but now, you will have the chance to help him or her (the little you) solve any ignored problem with your understanding, wisdom and knowledge from adulthood. You might just need to listen to him or her, giving audience to those unvoiced desires, worries, anxieties and complaints. You might need to tell the truth concerning his or her self worth, self image or self esteem, countering every lie or wrong impression ingrained in their minds.

Every child ‘s mind is like a clean slate and heart like a white rose, full of innocence and purity. Their state of mind and heart is the kind needed to lead not only a fulfilled life but also a carefree and simple one. The faith of a child is the highest form in which faith can exist on Earth.

Children are so full of positive energy, light spirits and radiance. They can be silly and funny but they can also be wise and simple. Their manner of wisdom is sometimes surprisingly simple and so in the face that the adult mind always miss it. Innocent mindset, pure heart, full of faith in what the future holds. Most times fearless, full of joy, kindness and empathy. Not needing much to be happy, highly intuitive and self aware.

If an adult were to adopt the ways of a child, how fresh and new the person will become. Life experiences, exposure, harsh realities and education has made us forget how to have fearless faith. We place more relevance on reason and rationalization because we have been burnt once so we have become careful because we do not want to be burnt anymore. Indeed, it is much harder to be a child the second time, it was effortless the first time. Positive energy, light spirits, radiance, being able to laugh at one’s folly, not taking life too seriously, finding the wisdom hidden in simplicity, pure and chaste at heart, fearless of the future, full of love, joy, kindness and empathy. Not needing much to be happy, highly intuitive and in tune with one’s self. Which part of all these descriptions is short of wholeness? None at all.

When you feel overburdened with the complexities of the adult life, look for a child. Yours or another’s, it does not matter. Converse with him or her and you will see the present state of mind and heart of this child. He or she may be 3, 4, 5 or 6, obviously still has a long way to go but they care for nothing. This is because they believe that everything will be alright. This faith works wonders for them. You should emulate it too.

How about infancy? In the tiny, little heart of a newborn lies the highest form of love, faith and trust. Babies don’t wait to love, to trust or to believe, they love you as they meet you, trust you as they meet you and believe in you as they meet you. In their spirits lie a purity that is definitely from heaven. The newness, peace and blessings they exude is like the salvation of God. The king of kimgs, our Lord Jesus Christ, could not help but pass through this nursery stage of human life, consolidating it, honoring it and empowering it.

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