She’s a Witch Indeed: Lisa Wagoner

She’s a Witch Indeed: Lisa Wagoner April 21, 2019

The Pagan blogosphere can be so heavy sometimes, and it often feels like those who write for it are practicing their Craft all the time. But the people who write here at Patheos Pagan and other online spots are only human and have lives outside of their Pagan practice. We thought it might be fun to take a look at the lives of our writers outside of Paganism, and ask the really big questions. Things like: whether or not ranch dressing is a true condiment or how they feel about superhero movies.

Our second interview features Witch Indeed Lisa Wagoner who has been writing at Patheos since November of 2018.

Patheos Pagan: So many Patheos Pagan writers have published books (Dorsey, Mankey, Beckett) is it intimidating to be writing a blog next to such people? Do you see yourself writing a book in the next couple of years?

Lisa Wagoner: Not intimidating at all. Rather inspiring, actually. I do plan on writing a book (or two) in the next year or so. Just a matter of making the time and deciding on the subject matter. So it shall be written, so it shall be done (the Ten Commandments are on my mind, what with Passover soon upon us). (Editor’s note: We did this little interview near April 15.)

Are there any board games you play regularly ? (and role playing games count here too). What was your favorite game as a child?

Board games?! I’m always up for a game of Scrabble. As a child, I loved loved loved Monopoly. I want to get one of those themed Monopoly games. Just saw the Game of Thrones one, so may invest in that one.

Avengers: Endgame comes out in just a couple of weeks, are you excited about it and/or superhero movies in general? (And it’s fine to say you hate them or think there are too many of them.) Do you have a favorite superhero?

I am excited, and am a huge comic book fan. I like superhero movies in general, although I do think they got over-saturated here lately. My favorite superhero is Doctor Strange. Loved him as a kid, and love him now. Magical and mystical superheroes are my favorite!

Let’s say you could travel through time and meet any religious figure ever. Who would you meet? Are there any famous dead Pagans you’d like to meet? Bonus question: who would you avoid?

I would love to meet Brigid, as I am devoted to her. I have “met” her since she called to me, but would love to spend lots of time with her in Ireland, writing poetry, making beer, having her teach me smithing. I think she is such a powerhouse, that being in her presence would make me wildly happy. Plus, Ireland. I’d also love to meet Rasputin, just to see what he was like. Charming, crazy, manipulative, misunderstood? Inquiring minds would like to know. Who would I avoid? Nary a one, I find them all fascinating in their own way.

Now, now, this question has layers like an onion, and I’m still waiting on some answers. There has to be a dead Pagan or two you would have liked to meet.

Scott Cunningham and John William Waterhouse, Margot Adler, or at least I want John William Waterhouse to paint me.

And there has to be somebody you’d avoid. Hell, I can think of several currently living Pagans I try to avoid.

Who would I avoid? Hmmm. Probably Arthur Edward Waite.

Reality TV has been the thing for the last twenty years. Are there any reality TV shows that you watch regularly? If you could create a reality show, but you wouldn’t be allowed to star in it, what would it be?

I watch Southern Charm, mostly because Charleston is relatively close and I feel like I know a version of those people on there. I would love to do a reality show about running a witch shop. The real day-to-day stuff would be fascinating. I could tell them stories! (I manage Asheville Raven & Crone in Asheville, NC)

Oscar Wilde!?!?!? She has a time machine!

You are a practicing Witch. Let’s say there was no Witchcraft in the world and you had to choose a different Pagan or spiritual path, what would you have chosen?

I’d probably be a Druid. There are so many aspects of Druidry that appeal to me: the love of nature, the creativity, and the wisdom.

What was the dumbest thing you did as a kid? My brother used to drink water directly from muddy puddles when he was a kid, we are looking for that level of dumb here.

I shoplifted clip on earrings because they were sparkly. I probably owe some store at least $50 if you added up all the interest on my stash.

I think ranch dressing is a condiment, do you agree?

Wait, it’s not?! A condiment it is! Who dares to say it is not?!

What was your first Witch book? Do you ever wish it was something else?

My first witch book was a kids book of witch stories. I can still see the illustrations, but I don’t know the title. I checked that book out so often as a kid, and have many fond memories of the thrills of reading it.

Let’s say say there was a Beyonce concert, a Bowie concert, a Beatles concert, a Bee Gees concert, a Black Sabbath concert, and a Bon Jovi concert all happening simultaneously, which one would you go to and why? Which one would you avoid completely?

David Bowie, because I didn’t appreciate him enough in this lifetime. I would probably avoid Black Sabbath. Nothing personal, but I like all the other ones way more.

And one last final question, what stupid question do you want to ask the next writer we interview? (Come up with a random question, and we’ll ask whoever we do this with next!)

What was the most magical moment of their life so far?

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