The Tea Addicted Witch: Scarlet Magdalene

The Tea Addicted Witch: Scarlet Magdalene April 19, 2019

The Pagan blogosphere can be so heavy sometimes, and it often feels like those who write for it are practicing their Craft all the time. But the people who write here at Patheos Pagan and other online spots are only human and have lives outside of their Pagan practice. We thought it might be fun to take a look at the lives of our writers outside of Paganism, and ask the really big questions. Things like: what’s their favorite kind of sandwich or how they feel about the various Star Wars movies that have come out over the decades.

Our first interview features the Tea Addicted Witch Scarlet Magdalene who has been writing here since January of 2018.

Scarlet the Superhero.

Patheos Pagan: To start with, are you really addicted to tea? What’s your favorite kind of tea and how do you drink it?

Scarlet Magdalene: I am DEFINITELY addicted to tea! I have a million different kinds at home, own an electric kettle (something which I know is unusual as an American), and have several tea infusers, including one I keep at work.

My favorite teas are Earl Grey, English Breakfast, and jasmine green. The first two I take with either soy or oat milk with stevia, and the last one I take plain.

You always seem so serious on your blog, what’s the goofiest thing you do for fun? Are there any movies or TV shows you watch that you are sort of embarrassed about?

I am actually pretty damn goofy ordinarily, haha! I watch a lot of cartoons, including children’s cartoons. I love Disney XD and very much recommend watching Star vs the Forces of Evil. Also the DuckTales reboot which features David Tennant absolutely killing it as the voice actor for Scrooge McDuck. It’s like Scrooge is a grumpy old Time Lord on Earth who is obsessed with money but can’t stop traveling or going on adventures. I also love what they’ve done for the characters of Huey, Dewey, and Louie personality-wise and adore the character of Webby Vanderquack. Also, they have an episode featuring a mystical golf course and My Little Murder Ponies. How can anyone not like this show??

Scarlet’s cat Meep.

There are a few shows I enjoy which are very much outside my normal genres, and would not admit to watching in casual conversation. The Bold Type is one. I love the characters and appreciate a lot of the feminist and social messages and struggles that are present on the show.

Cats? Dogs? Or neither? Do you have any pets and/or fun stories about pets (or perhaps why you’ve avoided them)?

Two cats who are adorable cuddlebugs, and their names are Meep and Squee. Squee is a smaller than average sized cat who still thinks she’s a kitten. She likes to climb me so I can pick her up and give her cuddles.

If you had a time machine what past event would you visit and why?

Probably rock concerts that I missed out on because they were before my time or because I missed out for one reason or another. Watching The Doors live would’ve been great!

What Pagan writer do you think people should be reading but are not? What’s your connection to this person?

Morgan Daimler. They are a FB friend who has some very interesting thoughts and experiences with the fae and have written many good books. Very recommended! (Editor’s Note: Morgan blogs at both Living Liminally and at the Agora here on Patheos Pagan.)

If you had to live on an another planet in our solar system, which one would you choose? (And let’s just assume human biology and technology wasn’t a limitation.)

I’m curious to check out life on Mars. It seems like it has an interesting history we’re barely beginning to discover.

Are there any condiments you just can’t stand? Like the thought of mayonnaise makes me ill.

No, but when it comes to guacamole or avocado the limit does not exist.

When it comes to Star Wars are you an original trilogy person, a prequel person, or a fan of the new trilogy that’s almost done. Who is the best Star Wars character?

I grew up on the original trilogy and the prequels, and also enjoy the new movies. I think that they’re all enjoyable in their own right, but prefer both the original and the new trilogies.

But who is your favorite Star Wars character?

Squee! This picture is so adorable.

Ooh! That’s tough. Original: Leia, but Luke was best Jedi. From the new: Rey.

What was your first record? (Or CD or whatever.) Do you still listen to it? Do you still have the original copy?

They Might Be Giants’ Flood. I still listen to the music on Spotify. At one point I was ripping my CDs into mp3s and then streaming music came out. The only time I add anything now that I already own is when I can’t find it streaming.

If there was ever a get together where everyone at Patheos Pagan was in attendance, who do you think you’d hang out with and why? (And you can’t choose anyone you’ve ever met face to face or Mankey because he’s a tool.)

Gonna go with the other Magdalene, Misha Magdalene since we have yet to meet in person. After all, we’re both Magdalenes and really should be teaming up and causing all sorts of mischief.

And one last final question, what stupid question do you want to ask the next writer we interview? (Come up with a random question, and we’ll ask whoever we do this with next!)

Which popular thing/topic/idea in the pagan community do you feel to be the most overrated, and why?

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