The Future of Youth Ministry Publishing

The Future of Youth Ministry Publishing January 8, 2011

A youth ministry prof (and my friend), Terry Linhart, weighs in on the resignation of Jay Howver from Zondervan, which means there is currently no youth ministry aquistions editor (as far as I know) at Z.  What does that mean for youth ministry publishing?  A huge question, which Terry raises:

Though the future is bright for YS/Zondervan publishing, there is an empty space where once there was radical vibrancy.  The West Coast grassroots philosophy has been absorbed into corporate efficiency (and that’s not all bad), and a hollow breeze blows (but it’s warm, since it’s from San Diego) where once loud music blared and revolutionary ideas like “Get Fired for the Glory of God” percolated.

It feels a bit surreal.

via The surreal ‘end of a chapter’ for Youth Specialties publishing | Terry Linhart.

HT: Bethany Stolle

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