A Doctor of Ministry?

A Doctor of Ministry? January 13, 2011

See that cool ad in the right sidebar?  Click on that and learn more about getting a DMin at Fuller Seminary, taught by me, and co-taught by the likes of Brian McLaren, Lauren Winner, Phyllis Tickle, and Brian McLaren Gareth Higgins.  I’d love to have you join us in a three-year journey exploring Christian spirituality.

And, I promise, the next post on The Possibility of Christian Universalism is coming tomorrow.

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  • The DMin so nice that McLaren teaches it twice!

  • i was thinking the same thing Mike… or is it like “this is my brother Darrell and this is my other brother Darrell”.
    Sound pretty cool Tony… will there be a “cry night” before graduation?

  • dopderbeck

    If only they’d let people in with something short of an M. Div.!

  • Jason Derr

    I wish I could do a Dmin or Phd. For starters I don’t have the money (my MA left me in debt and so far all i can find is temp work) or the emotional resources (my MA left me with PTSD – yay Masters in Theology!) I have started organizing myself to do an ‘OpenPHD’ – an OpenSource PHD where all materials are gathered online or crowd sourced, notes, projects and presentations are presented as podcast or youtube. Beyond that I am still consulting with others who are doing this (http://leighblackall.blogspot.com/2010/11/how-and-why-ill-do-phd.html and http://openphd.wordpress.com/the-program-plan/), Of course I can’t call myself Doctor at the end of the process but may I will get fodder for blog posts and a second book out of it (my first, Towards a Theopoetic Of The Cross, is now on Amazon.com). Maybe I can Be a Regisered Nurse of Philosophy (RNP)? Who knows.

  • Tempting, so tempting, but not this time around I’m afraid. I’m just starting a intensive 2-year Lilly-funded sustaining pastoral excellence program focusing on mission and hospitality as grounding points amidst changing social and ecclesial realities. Plus I’ll still be a week or so shy of the 3-year experience requirement by the time the first session starts. Oh well – I hope you do something like this again in the future!