I Love this Ad

I Love this Ad May 9, 2011

It’s for Google Chrome, which I also love:

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  • Patrick Marshall

    Now see, if I had been in charge of advertising for Google, I would have shown a commercial with a bunch of people using Internet Explorer, having it crash on them in the middle of a 3,500 word blog post. Then show Google Chrome and tell them, “It gets better.” Would that have been in poor taste?

    On a side note, am I the only one surprised to see Woody from Toy Story “coming out” in a Google commercial?? I thought he had a thing with Bo Peep…

  • CJ

    I’m getting soft if a Google Chrome commercial makes me cry.

    Ok so it wasn’t Google Chrome, it was Google taking some time to promote a great project while they were promoting their product. Good for them.

    And for the record, I’m comfortable enough with myself and my beliefs to say that I don’t know what God thinks about homosexuality. But, I can say with 100% certainty that God loves the “It Gets Better” project.

    Oh yea, re woody, I think I saw his whole commercial and it started off with I’m not gay but…

  • David

    Pretty sad I think when we think we there is a need or perception to celerbrate homosexuality….Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for things getting better, but as I can’t see Jesus telling a prostitute to go and sin no more yet telling a homosexual it’s all good dude, it only gets better !

    I certanily do not in any way desire for a teen (or adult for that matter) who struggles with the issues that surround the gay life style to hurt. I think they like all people deserve Love and kindness as people created in God’s image. All Christians need to reach out and love on those who are involved in a gay life just as they reach out and love on anyone else. Just don’t think we need to celebrate a life style that may be opposed to holyness and scripture.

  • Charles

    David, I think your concept of homosexuality as “a life style” is deeply flawed and very ill-informed. Take a moment or two and get educated on what it means to be gay. Then we can talk about what a proper response is.

  • Tony, thank you so much for the video I really appreciate it. Good to know that Google is not just taking over the world one little street at a time. No, but in all seriousness I hope that through this GLBT persons can be given hope and life in the midst of their struggle. Thanks

  • David

    Charles, if you object to the term “life style” what in your opinion would be better said ? I’m not objecting to gay people at all here. What i’m objecting to is the celebration on national TV using the “it gets better” campain. So please don’t jump to conclusions as to what I may or may not understand.

    We have a diverse culture that is made up of many different “life styles” if you will. If you would rather I speak to gays as homosexuals then fine. But thats not the point of my comments which apparently you may have missed.


  • Charles

    “Pretty sad I think when we think we there is a need or perception to celerbrate homosexuality”
    “…I can’t see Jesus telling a prostitute to go and sin no more yet telling a homosexual it’s all good dude, it only gets better !”
    ” Just don’t think we need to celebrate a life style that may be opposed to holyness and scripture.”

    These 3 quotes lead me to believe you may not view homosexuals and the life many endure at the hands of the church in a sympathetic manner. You’re correct, I don’t know what you do or don’t understand on any topic. I can only surmise your position from your words.

    Having said that, I like the ad and the “It Gets Better” campaign a lot. I view it as a positive effort toward the greater good.

  • Dan

    I’m using firefox.

  • David

    Charles, I accept your view and even agree with it somewhat. It’s a tough issue. Just as I would not “celebrate” or encourage any type of sinful behavior (and now I have to be careful because I know I’m a big sinner as it’s my nature to) I just have a difficult time with a TV add promoting homosexuality. It’s the promotion of homosexuality and the idea that as time goes by “It will get better”.

    My heart does go out to those who struggle with sexual sin. I think it’s a kind that hits at our hearts and even at the core of who we are as people. So those who struggle with it have to hurt and we as Christians need to address that hurt. Jesus already has ! But I agree with you we the “Church” need to do a much better job. It’s extremely sad how in gereral the Church has delt with the issue.

    But the TV add is like a wolf here addressing the sheep. “It only gets better”….I think that is dangerous and sad thinking.

  • Charles

    David, This ad campaign is aimed at those, mainly youth, struggling with self-identity and the false shame pushed upon them by others. As I hope you know, the suicide rate amongst LBGTQ youth is much higher than the general population. We must find a way for self-acceptance amongst this to be easier, not more difficult. “It gets better” is a message for those in such a disparate state that suicide seems a reasonable option. “It Gets Better” is a great message for them.

    Your position of framing the issue as “sexual sin” is not helpful! It perpetuates the notion that they are ‘less than’ others. Your statement “…I think that is dangerous and sad thinking” is exactly the wrong way to try and help.

  • Gary Bryson

    What we now call homosexuality, God calls sin. The Bible is VERY clear about that. Those who encourage and enable homosexuals are opposing God. Very foolish thing to do.

  • Charles

    The God I worship is soooo much bigger than the god that keeps being referred to here. Ones narrow view of scripture is an others being blind.

  • David

    Charles I see your point and I think it has much merit. I just have a difficult time with the promotion & telling the young people it gets better. I think it sends the wrong message. The real message is the Good News and that God Loves them. How you frame that so it doesn’t offend or is taken the wrong way is key. But to say “it gets better” I just don’t know. Thanks for the conversation.

  • Brian

    I actually found the implication of the ad offensive. Not the ad itself, but the crass commercialization of a very real, serious issue. To equate the pain of homophobia “getting better” with the use of Google Chrome, it is better/get’s better is profoundly disgusting. Google is not known for sophistication in it’s user interface. Far better would have been to simply run the ad, showing the damn Chrome, and leave off the commercial at the very end.

  • D…

    I really like the add. I think it stands out in a sea of adds that try tell me I’m not a cool, healthy, wealthy American unless I spend dough on their thing. Google has successfully focused on some positive stuff. I personally didn’t see it coming off as promoting anything other than the idea of “Just hang in there! Don’t kill yourself, it gets easier.” For all the moralizing going on (not necessarily here in this thread) do people really think that this stuff is easy? I’m fat. I haven’t always been fat and I sure wish I wasn’t now. But for all the “just do this” from fools who don’t live in my skin, with my history, with my genetics, with my pressures, with my debt and pending foreclosure, with my family and 50 friggin’ mile commute to and from work… do you think it becomes easier to drop a few .lbs because someone says “just do this”? The moral-izer has a posture and that posture is “superiority”; “I’m better than you”… Life is complex, and we’d be better served by listening and then listening some more. Stop seeing every non hetero person or conversation as a project and opportunity to win one for the “Gipper”! The “Gipper”needs us to love people as they are and not as they should be. That’s what Jesus would do… D…