4 Khutba ideas to Support Black Lives Matter!

4 Khutba ideas to Support Black Lives Matter! October 4, 2016

Obedience to God requires Challenging White Supremacy

Wikimedia Commons.

While being subjected to inhumane torture, Bilal would simply repeat “A’had”, refusing to denounce his Islamic beliefs. Ahad denotes that Allah is one. It affirms that the purpose of creation is to be slaves of this one Creator and not slaves to any of the creation. Centuries later, Licutan, a black Islamic scholar and a mastermind behind the Islamic slave revolts of Brazil would be placed under interrogation. When asked what his name was, he continued to refer to himself as Bilal.

Both the judge and the court prosecutors were infuriated by this action, insisting that they knew his actual name was Licutan, oblivious to the symbolic significance. Licutan was identifying with a leading companion of the Prophet Muhammad(pbuh), Bilal Ibn Rabah(RA)! This Khutuba will discuss key events in the life of the sahabah: Bilal Ibn Rabah and analyze this powerful statement of black Muslim slave rebel: Licutan in light of Dr. Sherman Jackson’s concept of white supremacy as shirk. It will explain why our belief in God’s oneness demands that we challenge white supremacy using Licutan as an example. How can the  proclamation “Ahad” once uttered  by Bilal be a rallying cry for blacks today  challenging the idolatry that emanates from white supremacy?

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