About the blog:

“Truth to Power is a Patheos blog founded with the belief that Muslims should be deeply concerned with the theological inquires of the most disenfranchised. As a hub of Black Muslim thought, Truth to Power, will host the “Hip-Hop Halaqas” series articulating how classical Islamic philosophy can answer theological concerns expressed in contemporary Hip-Hop, the “Enjoining Justice” series that will provide a Muslim analysis of social issues plaughing the black community, and “History Rewards Research”, which will contain rare historical information and stories about the lgacy of Black Muslims.  This blog is a must-read and must watch for the study of black religion and Islam.”


About the author:

Hakeem Muhammad grew up in the South Side of Chicago in a family with roots in the Nation of Islam. He an avid researcher and lecturer; Hakeem has taught African American philosophy and Critical Race Theory, at Spartan Debate Institute at Michigan State University and Cal State debate and Speech Institute at UC Berkeley. While finishing his senior year, Hakeem is currently working at the African American Male Initiative at West Georgia University and is a 2016 MUSLIMARC Fellow.