Dawah in 21st Century Black America: A Message to Muslims

Dawah in 21st Century Black America: A Message to Muslims May 30, 2018

Muslims: There are Afrocentric academics at universities across America who are publishing article after articles maligning your faith as an anti-Black, pro-Arab religion. Influenced by their doctrines, there is an increasing amount of young Black activists taking to social media, Youtube, Facebook, and Twitter. They promote the misconception that Islam is simply a tool for Arab subjugation of Black people. Their views have reached millions of Black people.

Simultaneously, Black Hebrew Israelites run amok on street corners throughout Black America castigating your faith as an Arab Religion unfit for Black people. Black Muslims used to critique Christianity as the “White Man’s Religions” sending our Black Christians brethren on the defensive. Now, Black Christian Liberation theologians led by James Coney and Jeremiah Wright, have worked to reconcile christianity and Black liberation

In short, there are widespread movements in Black America actively working to impugn the legitimacy of Islam in Black America.  Any Muslim concerned about the future of Islam in Black America must focus on increasing our efforts at dawah with a constancy that has never before been seen in Black communities.

In honor of Malcolm X’s commitment to Dawah, a network for Dawah in Black communities  was established. The goal is to establish a Dawah resource center to advance Islam in Black America.  However, bringing the this into fruition will require funding. We ask all those who are concerned with the future of Islam in Black America to generously donate to bring this project into fruition. 

Donations given to this dawah project will facilitate in the production of Islamic educational material for Black communities; artistic content that demonstrates the integral role of Islam in Black Liberation struggle and on the ground training programs to train Black Muslim youth in effective dawah strategies.  We will establish an online think tank that will contain research articles, infographics, animated videos, and lectures that will refute criticisms of Islam made by Afrocentrics, Black Hebrew Israelites, and others who seek to impugn the legitimacy of Islam in Black community. Moreover, we will use social media platforms to target Black communities for Dawah.

If you would like to be part of an initiative to rejuvenate dawah in black communities, please donate to this project today.

Muslims once raised $3500 for a white supremacist anti-islam bigot in the name of showing the “compassionate side” of Islam.  Can Muslims donate just as much to help facilitate Dawah in Black communities?



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