Humanist Symposium #57

Humanist Symposium #57 July 18, 2010

Welcome to the Humanist Symposium, installment 57!  And just as an fyi, 57 is both an idoneal number and also the smallest number with exactly 10 representations as a sum of 3 distinct primes (thanks, WolframAlpha!)

Humanists and the Self

Critiquing Humanity wrote a takedown of our modern culture of extreme individualism, which is posited as “one of the three basic unethical ideas which predicate almost all immorality in the world.”

Leah at The Whore of All the Earth shares the incredibly moving story of how and why she left the Mormon church.  It’s one of the most touching deconversion stories I’ve read, and it’s well worth checking out some of the other installments in her spiritual autobiography.

Humanism in the World

Rick from Towards a Rational America and an Enlightened Judaism tells the story of his conflicted sympathies for Israel as a secular Jew.

Here’s one way for atheists to do good in the world: vijack of Atheist Revolution gives an introduction to the Foundation Beyond Belief in the post “Tithing for Atheists

Humanists and Christianity

Right here at Unequally Yoked, I challenged Christians to overcome or subvert my criteria for conversion, which sparked a conversation that continued and shows no signs of stopping.

Over at Chaos Bogey a discussion of Christianity’s propensity to schism is accompanied with paintings by Pieter Brugel.

Cubik’s Rube has stepped up to defend Christians who identify as skeptics.

No Forbidden Questions cuts right to the heart of many a debate by asking “Who Needs Theology?”  If, like me, you enjoy the blog, you may be interested in submitting a guest post while NFQ is without internet next week.

Humanists and Philosophy

In a rhetorical break from most of the featured posts, Sam at poses a series of questions to try to spark a socratic dialogue on the purpose and nature of work.

The Truth Shall Make You Odd” declares Hometown Grotesque.  And that’s the note I’d like to close the carnival on.


Don’t forget to submit in time for the next Humanist Symposium, which will occur August 8th on a blog TBA.

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