Gay Marriage Index

Gay Marriage Index August 9, 2010

In August 2010, in the wake of Judge Walker’s decision to strike down California’s Proposition 8 in Perry v. Schwarzenegger, I ran a series of posts on gay marriage.


  1. Why Should Atheists Get Married? – Should the state only administer civil unions? And why would atheists ever value marriage anyway?
  2. Restricting Rhetoric, Mosques, and Gays – What kind of religious arguments should be allowed in public discourse?
  3. Natural Moral Theory is Bunk – Why I don’t buy the Catholic logic against gay marriage
  4. Do We Care Too Little About Marriage? – The devaluation of marriage goes way beyond high divorce rates
  5. Do We Care Too Much About Marriage? – Why our regard for marriage is hurting friendship and other non-romantic relationships

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  • Did you seriously just use the word 'Christianist'?…

  • I’m curious. Nowhere do I see the nomenclature defined. To have a debate over marriage – it seems to me – you have to put a definitive definition to the word marriage.
    Is marriage really just a social certificate for legalized sex, or is it the basic structure of human society?
    Is love a wrapper for sex, or is love a free will decision to subjugate one’s self to the service of another?
    If you leave these definitions ambiguous then you can do whatever you want. If you can’t put a definition to the word, then the word has no real meaning.
    Genesis 2:23-25 contains the Christian meaning of marriage. It’s a broad concept packed into a short space. To unpack that message, you have to start somewhere.
    So I ask; If you don’t start there, where do you start?