Questions for an apologist?

Questions for an apologist? October 3, 2010

Logos, a Christian magazine on campus is offering students the option to write in and have questions answered by Dr. Ravi Zacharias, an apologist and preacher.

The deadline for sending in questions is tomorrow night, and I’m not sure what I want to ask.  I have plenty of questions about the internal coherence of Christianity, and I’m interested in the answers, but I’m not an atheist because I think some parts of Christianity are in tension with each other.  The internal consistency is only a problem to be resolved if I think the overall proposition is likely to be true, which I don’t.  Thus, I’m left with only the same kind of quasi-academic interest as I have in utilitarianism or other ethical or metaphysical systems I don’t believe in.

I guess I’m curious about whether Dr. Zacharias thinks that atheists and other non-Christians are ignoring evidence for God and God’s love or if that truth isn’t accessible to all people and can’t be reached through human effort alone, or if he thinks that there’s anything an unbeliever ought to do to give religion a fair shake, but I feel like those are more questions for a conversation than a magazine Q&A.;

I’d really like some advice from commenters.


Do any atheist readers have questions you’ve always wanted to put to an apologist, or general topic to address?

Do any religious readers have a topic you’ve seen me raise here that you think Dr. Zacharias might have a helpful take on?

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  • NFQ

    I guess I would ask if he has any reason to believe the Bible is true, besides the text contained in the Bible and subjective personal feelings.

  • It's too late now, but if you get this chance in the future, I don't think there's any reason at all for you not to ask those questions (ie. the ones you'd prefer to have in a conversation).