Can There be an Atheist Agenda?

Can There be an Atheist Agenda? November 17, 2010

After I got into a disagreement about tactics with John Loftus of Debunking Christianity, I ended up in a discussion of what, if anything, an atheist agenda should consist of and whether atheists had anything at all in common beside their disbelief in God.

First, the posts dealing directly with my dispute with Loftus

  1. Want to help write a book? — Loftus solicits possible questions for a Christian apologist and I offer a few thoughts
  2. Why do atheists ask the boring questions? — Loftus’s questions turned out to focus on biblical inerrancy rather than philosophy, and I am disappointed
  3. My Problem with Loftus (Part 1) — Why I disagree with Loftus’s focus on evangelicals
  4. My Problem with Loftus (Part 2) — Atheism isn’t interesting or compelling unless we go beyond tearing down religion
  5. Loftus responds to my critique — Neither of us is satisfied by the other’s agenda
After that discussion ended, I responded to commenter questions about whether it is valid to treat atheism as a cohesive movement:
  1. Are Atheists a ‘Side?’ — If atheism is a belief with no clear consequences, what does it mean to call someone a ‘bad atheist?’
  2. Why I Treat Atheism as a Team — Atheists, as a stigmatized group, need to work together
  3. Are People ‘Atheists First?’ — Is your non-religious belief central to your life and/or identity?

And final bonus content:

  1. John Loftus Reveals his Questions for Christians — his full list of questions for the book

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