Patheos Went a-Headhuntin’

Patheos Went a-Headhuntin’ September 11, 2012

And they tempted Chris Hallquist (who blogs as the Uncredible Hallq) to forsake Freethought Blogs and join the Patheos Atheist channel).  Chris has been an English teacher in South Korea and he’s soon to start work as a researcher for the Singularity Institute.

I’ll confess, I’ve seen more of what he’s written at Less Wrong than chez lui, but I am intrigued by his attempt to beta test his new book.  He’s putting chapters online as he writes and inviting comment and critiques, so the eventual text will be more comprehensive.

I’ve added him to my RSS feed and I’ll try to write a response to the next chapter that goes up.  It’s my impression that the book is more contra evangelicals, but we’ll see.

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