Using N-Dimensional Spaces to Learn to Think About God

Using N-Dimensional Spaces to Learn to Think About God May 14, 2015

I had a great time speaking about Arriving at Amen at the Catholic Information Center last night (especially during the Q&A section — there were a couple I’m still mulling) and the audio from that event should wind up online eventually.

Plus, you can see me live (and ask questions of your own — the last one at the CIC was about transhumanism) in NYC on May 26th and Boston on June 2nd.

In the meantime, EWTN News Nightly put up the clip of my interview, if you’d like to hear me talk (briefly!) about the book.  And make sure I get to talk about math.

(I’m on at 16:30).

The other big highlight of last night’s event was all the Dominican friars who turned up!


From left to right: Br. Dominic, the first friar I met, who I pigeonholed after an American Association for the Advancement of Science with theological problems.  Br. John, who Br. Dominic recruited to join him for a The Last Superstition bookclub with me.  Br. Humbert, who loves math as much as I do and keep getting excited about those sorts of analogies with me.  Br. Patrick Mary who has attended debates on my roof and wrote the lovely review of Arriving at Amen for Dominicana.

The Dominican House of Studies is one of my favorite things about living in DC.  As I’ve written before, the lively and generous friars both offer me a lot of themselves, and they also wind up bringing me in contact with other DC Catholics, so we can offer and ask more of ourselves and each other.  They’re mensches, every one.

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