I’m in NYC to talk about explaining your faith

I’m in NYC to talk about explaining your faith December 14, 2015

This Wednesday, I’ll be at the Crossroads Cultural Center in New York City to talk about my own conversion and ways to answer questions/have engaging conversations about the Catholic faith.  The event is free and open to the public, and here are all the details:



When: Dec 16, 7pm

Where: Crossroads Auditorium (125 Maiden Lane, 15th Floor, NY, NY)


I’ll be giving a talk on my conversion (and how the Catholics in my life invited my questions and showed me their faith) to start off, and then doing a Q&A with Stephen Sanchez, the principal of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel/St. Benedicta School.

And then (my favorite part!) there will be a general Q&A for the audience.

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