Announcing a New Commentary on Matthew

Announcing a New Commentary on Matthew January 26, 2018

Over six yeas ago now, my friend and then-colleague, Jeannine Brown, invited me to join her on a book project: a “two horizons” (biblical studies and theology) commentary on the Gospel of Matthew.

That commentary is now completed and available for pre-order via Amazon or directly through the publisher, Eerdmans. The release date isn’t until late September–but hey, you can secure your copy now!

Part 1 features a fresh translation and exegesis of Matthew (by Jeannine). Part 2 constitues our jointly authored biblical theology of Matthew–exploring themes like Christology, kingdom, and discipleship and including some “reading together” sections in which we explore the richness of select texts from Matthew. Part 3 involves a number of “reading with” chapters, where we highlight key insights in Matthew through the lens of prominent contextual theological perspectives (feminist, liberationist, political, emerging global voices, etc.).

I learned a ton through this project, and I hope you will, also.



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