How Self-Awareness Can Transform Your Life

How Self-Awareness Can Transform Your Life February 21, 2018

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When we plunge into the journey of self-awareness, it transforms us and our relationships in three ways.

First, we more accurately know where we are going. We can access our dreams – not our longings for fame, but what we were really created to do – and begin to pursue them in earnest. We are lost at sea and self-awareness is first and foremost a lighthouse, beckoning us to the shore of our identity.

Second, we can more accurately assess where we are. We have to know where we are going before we can figure out how lost we are. Does our job align with our values? Why am I in this particular relationship? In light of our newly discovered vision, self-awareness becomes a spotlight that illuminates the truth of today. One of the reasons we avoid self-awareness is because we are afraid of this spotlight – we know our current reality is not all good news. But it is much better to acknowledge our folly than to ignore it. Sin festers in secrecy.

Third, we can more clearly see the path in front of us. When that deep chamber is awakened, it will propel us. It will propel us towards the things it aligns with and away from the things that oppose it. Perhaps the greatest gift of self-awareness is that it gives us the courage to change. We don’t want that secret folly exposed because we are afraid it might be permanently latched to our deep chamber. Once we realize it isn’t, we can cut it off and move on without our entire identity on the line.

Self-awareness is not easy. It requires a lot of courage and time. We will spend a lot of time questioning ourselves and asking the people who love us for feedback. We do not have to have all the answers before we are capable of living well. But an honest journey inward is necessary if we want to be a part of healthy relationships and live life to the fullest.

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