Two Metaphors on Casting Vision

Two Metaphors on Casting Vision March 5, 2018

I was on the phone with a missionary recently and we were talking about the value of metaphors. He is an aspiring actor and we were discussing the value of storytelling to communicate truth. Jesus Himself spoke in parables. Movies and books are all the rage in modern society. We love when a good story tells a good truth.

We were talking about the value of casting vision. He is in a leadership position and is having a hard time encouraging his team to commit to where they want to go. They lack motivation because they lack understanding.

In the days after, the team had some intentional talks about ‘casting vision’ and it got me thinking. What exactly is it about vision that is so powerful for how we live?

Two metaphors came to mind. The Fisher Man and The Blockbuster.

The Fisher Man

In the first metaphor, a fisherman is standing on the shore and he is ‘casting vision’ into the water. Vision is the bait. It is the lure. Why is he casting it? What is he hoping to attain?

Too often, I believe, we think vision is the thing we are trying to attain. This is how we get dreamers who are stuck in their own heads or innovators that change just for the sake of change.

Vision is not the goal. Purpose is the goal. That’s the big bass waiting in the river for his. Meaning. We cast vision in order to capture purpose. Vision, then is a tool, a means to an end.

If you’ll permit me saying it another way, vision is the naming of what will bring us purpose, which is everyone’s ultimate ambition. Vision is a specified microcosm of the big fish we’re all going after just like the bait is a tiny version of the bigger fish we are hoping to reel into shore.

The Blockbuster

Another way we typically talk about casting is in terms of the movies. We hire actors and actresses to play a role, to adopt a part in order to tell the story.

When we cast Vision to be a part of our story, we trust it to play the part required of it. We are putting our faith in Vision to personify the character of Purpose.

Vision is a part of the story, but not the whole thing. It isn’t a one-man show. Vision is necessary, but so is self-awareness, self-governance, and action. Vision may lead these merry travelers in the journey, but he is not meant to do the journey alone.

If I were making a movie, Vision would be my first hire. He’s going to have such a busy call sheet. So many scenes and so many lines, all peppered throughout the arch of the story. Without vision in place, the other characters will surely lose their way.

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