Abundance Redefined

Abundance Redefined May 15, 2019

Humans are made for abundance. But the question is “an abundance of what?” Life’s greatest challenge is discovering the truest source of abundance. We are promised it from all sorts of angles. Consumer products, religion, intellect, money, power, fame. We are searching for more and more and more. Our hearts are hardwired for an abundant life.

We tend to get it wrong along the way. Material abundance can lead us astray. What we seek to possess ends up possessing us. Our fear of loss can rob us of the kind of joy that only comes on the other side of risk. Sensual pleasures can become unhealthy addictions.

Conversely, all these things can lead to greater impact as we seek to serve. Through service, we are awakened to abundance. Our materials become a blessing to share. Taking pleasure in the right things can lead to a life filled with thanksgiving. And social abundance can provide the opportunity to be a great example.



It is well documented that human beings are never satisfied. We chase after more and never seem to find it.

One of the reasons for this is that we view abundance as a finish line rather than a resource. We think abundance means the absence of pain, the end of suffering and confusion. Perhaps it is most true to say that we are not suffering from a lack of abundance but a lack of awareness. We don’t see the abundance in front of us and so, having not recognized it, we continue to search, demanding it manifest according to our own definitions rather than according to the truth.

Our circumstances are not perfect. Abundance is an opportunity not a finish line. It is not a pile of money at the end of the rainbow. It is a never-ending supply of choices. Opportunity after opportunity to express who we are, discover the depths of truth, and participate in our vision.


Grace is the truest source of abundance. When we seek and live under the grace of God, we are equipped with the abundance for every good deed.  Not just some good deeds. Every good deed.

God promises that if we share our material abundance His favor will more than fill up whatever we need to do every good deed. If we share our pleasures, and our social abundance, God will fill up whatever tank we empty. When we seek God’s way, he promises there will never be a lack of fuel to do every good deed. It is an amazing promise. It is an amazing grace.

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